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2019-05-26 Issue


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Channeled Teachings by Lois Hartwick at 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

Manifestation with the Flower of Light by Horus, Isis and Thoth


June 16 ~ Classes 5 and 6

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A NOTE FROM MARTHA -- A heart felt thank you for your beautiful prayers, energetic support, good wishes... Many of you know that I am in Chicago to participate in a medical trial.
Prior to beginning the trial, I have undergone 5 days of a chemo cocktail, plus a number of tests to get me over to the required number of platelets, other lacks in my blood including low platelets, and readiness for the CAR T treatment. I will be in Chicago for a few months. Your blessings, prayers and energy have helped to build a wall of flow and grace and ease, and I thank you and ask you to continue them if at all possible.

Free Weekly World Service Meditation at 5:00 PM CST / 6:00 PM EST

The Anchoring Light Meditation is available to everyone. One hour prior to the channeling (5:00 PM CST / 6:00 PM EST), Lois leads a meditation to anchor light to various situations / places / people--the days when there is a channeling scheduled. We have a separate teleconference number and anyone can join in by calling 712-770-4160 code 189857#. We are creating an etheric pyramid of light over Colombo, Sri Lanka and invite all who feel called to participate and join us. Read more about this meditation by clicking here.

"The Weather Report" from Thoth through Lois Hartwick


Beloved Friends of Light~

You have encountered many changes on earth where you live or on TV and in media reports in the past several years. This has been an anomaly which many have presumed related to a particular year or disruption in your area. The changes have come in rather quickly, and will not be moving out of the news any time soon. You have all had some understanding by now that this is a serious threat to survival in some places, not necessarily revealed beforehand. So it is time for you to take into consideration where you live and how to effect changes in the town, state or area where you reside. This has not necessarily been considered by most of you, but there are changes you can do to help with this given problem today.

First of all, there are beings of light who support you, and who are available when you ask. You might wish to prepare in advance with your requests that your area be completely shielded from whatever weather presentations may unfold ahead.

Secondly, you can open weather conings. We can discuss that at a later point if you are interested. I will print something out should you request it.

Thirdly, you can work on the anchoring of light daily going into your area and surrounding your house, your area, your town, etc. for the outcomes up ahead. This light must be anchoring into the earth core through your being, as in the weekly meditations on Sunday nights.

All of these are supportive measures. Each one of you has guidance from those working with you on many different levels, beside your Higher Self. All will respond to your requests for weather protection, i.e., rather volatile storms or abnormalties which might affect you personally. I suggest you include this in your prayers and discussions/thoughts in quiet times so you are well guided as to what to do should it ever be necessary. None of this is to create fear, but preparedness and set you up in a less vulnerable way. There are many today who would wish they'd had such advice beforehand.

Now not all coming forth on this plan is utterly avoidable, but many things can be of a lesser scale. Perhaps an earthquake might be much less when help is given than if not. So please be in the understanding that much has and will continue to change up ahead, and you will be well served by those of us and the Nature Beings, who will make efforts to assist during these times as well. They do not appreciate the disruptions occurring so consistently and can do much more to serve in this regard. Yet few are asked and fewer still, even know to ask for their help.

And finally, I would like to suggest, the Native American Earthkeepers exist not only in 3D, but on many levels indeed, and most have attachments to this earth plane intact. They still wish to preserve what is possible on this planet for those ahead -- all worlds that will at some point be able to reincarnate here again. What is preserved makes this most possible. So not only in terms of weather conditions, but areas of preservation needing further protection will be attended to by them on whatever level they reside, when asked. They have much to overcome in their own lives because the changes here were so drastic for them, and they seek ways for peace and harmony to prevail within Kingdoms and peoples inhabiting this Earth. Be reminded of them and give thanks for all ways of help toward your requests for the Earth. Know that love prevails over and over, again and again, in what you seek to accomplish with them and your planet. This will be the forthcoming of the light and consciousness that needs to make the changes. You will be sought out to help if you suggest your participation with those seeking new 'recruits' on earth to make these changes possible with energy directed in.


Channeled by Lois Hartwick, 2019

To learn more about Lois' work, go to her Expressions of Light website.

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