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2018-09-30 Issue


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Fall 2018 Schedule of Teleconferences by Lois Hartwick

Horus, Isis, Thoth

The Soul Series

with Horus, Isis and Thoth

Part 1 consists of 5 classes beginning September 9 running through October 7.

Part 2 consists of 5 classes beginning October 14 through November 11.

This series is about ... "unification of the aspects of being, combining your essence more fully into a measured life of conscious action. We will do practices to incorporate this and the ancient mysteries with the Flower of Life and its meaning through myself, Thoth, Isis and Horus." [Channeled by Lois]

Go to the RTTO webpage to register for this very practical "Soul Series" by clicking here. You can sign up at any time by purchasing the materials and catching up on your own. For questions contact Lois or Martha.


The Soul Series Part 2 will be followed by Keys to Higher Reality with Thoth (2 classes on November 18 and 25) -- the use of the Ankh will be covered -- and The Angel Series and Maitreya's 2019 Yearly Message (6 classes from December 2 through January 13, 2019).

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by going to her RTTO webpage or her Expressions of Light website.

The Anchoring Light Meditation is available to everyone. One hour prior to the channeling (5:00 PM CDT / 6:00 PM EDT), Lois leads a meditation to anchor light to various situations / places / people. We have a separate teleconference number and anyone can join in by calling 712-770-4160 code 189857#. Read more about this meditation by clicking here.

"Soul Group Support" by Thoth through Lois Hartwick

Greetings and moments of love to each of you as the days revolve around change and in many cases, indecision. This time period has brought with it unsureness of what's ahead and how one is able to manage inner balance within it. You have seen and witnessed many such situations in your world already since the eclipses recently passed.

Aside from the many beings of light you generally address or request assistance from, I want to mention today, your Soul Group. These are beings of light who have traversed time with you, incorporating many of the lessons you have encountered, as well as transferred energetically some of that awareness, awakening and wisdom. Now is a time to remember their presence, for many have formed in ways to assist during this time from the other side, and very particularly to you, who are representing them while on earth.

It is not always easy to balance all the subjects coming forth within change, for the physical being, as well as the mind, needs time to regurgitate and review many things within the enormity of some changes. It does not always 'compute' in your brain and therefore, the sense of being unsure of choices or seeing none ahead, can lead you into fear. Beside the many practices you may have or remember should such a time period affect you, I would like to mention your Soul Groups can be called in for much greater balance. You share similar platforms and encoding. Transmission of ideas and comfort can easily be sent forth from them if requested. In some cases this may have been automatic as part of an early contract, but it is not to be assumed this is so for everyone. Please know that their are fields of love which pervade your planet and your Universe, which are often not taped into nor felt unless a focus is put toward this.

There are times, of course, this induction of love can be brought into your consciousness in a very still and quiet time, which may not be of change, but rather, a stillness or lack of anticipation which has prevailed as well. To initiate a new plan, find a new way, incorporate greater assistance to what you are seeking to do, you will find your soul group can be a benefit. Sit quietly and project your thoughts to the many who share your commonality of purpose, intent and levels of integrity and wisdom. Ask for their presence and to put forth what you are wishing to achieve, the help you need or the love to surround. These are untapped support levels many of you do not see nor recognize as part of your 'inheritance'. Now, in these days of confusion or extreme movement from one level to another, you may find this energetic connection of much assistance to your lives.

None of this is to exclude those you trust, work with, pray to or believe in already. It is in complement to them, and also to your very existence and work at this time. You with a mission, a purpose or sense of being present at these specific times, can call on those who share the combined strength you have brought forth; they will simply add to it, surrounding you in ways to allow the greater picture to unfold instead of a small frightened, fractured one. Be aware you are being promoted, held and loved in this time of light and transmission -- for all who ask to receive.

Beloved Be. Beloved Be.

This is Thoth, the Atlantean

Channeled by Lois Hartwick -- 9-16-2017

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