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2018-01-07 Issue


Thank you for your support. Below please read our message about upcoming teleclasses and channeled inspirational message or messages for the week. Happy and prosperous 2018!

Angelic Transmissions and More

Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

Annual Forecast with Lord Maitreya ~ Channeled by Lois Hartwick

Lord Maitreya joins us to gift us with this annual forecast. Don't miss this opportunity to find out what the 2018 will bring. Cost for the class is $24.00. Transcription of the class is available (usually towards the end of the week) for $5.00. To register, go to the series' webpage by clicking here. A teleconference number will be provided prior to each class and after your payment is received.


Sign of the Times, Part 2 ~ Channeled by Lois Hartwick

Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

In alignment with the higher teachings which have been pervading this planet for eons of time, both Thoth and Serapis Bey will be presenting material for your greater awareness and understanding, as well as practice in meditation. The additional benefit is to recognize within oneself these ancient teachings and reawaken your purpose and intention here. Read more at the series' webpage.

Sign of the Times, Part 2 is also a 7-part series of channeled teleconferences with Thoth, Serapis Bey and others which includes further discussions on The Emerald Tablets, the Ascension Temple and the Ankh. (Sign of the Times, Part 1, is available to catch up as self-study. If interested, please contact Lois or Martha for more information.) To register for Part 2, go to the series' webpage.

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by going to her RTTO webpage or her Expressions of Light website.

The Anchoring Light Meditation IS now available to everyone. One hour prior to the channeling, Lois leads a meditation to anchor light to various situations / places / people. In the past, only those who signed up for the channelings were able to join; however, now we have a separate teleconference number and anyone can join in. (No meditations are held during those Sundays when we do not meet.) Please read more about this topic, and obtain the teleconference number at the Anchoring Light webpage.

"Sitting with Light From Higher Sources" with Serapis through Lois Hartwick

You are going to go through many changes this year, which cannot be easily described. But there is an unleashment of energies from the Earth from other times and events. These energies rise up and mix with that coming forth from assorted energetic transmissions on your plane intermixing, as well as chaotic nodes and interferences predominantly from the astral level.

Confusion is the norm of the day, but people will be making choices which do not necessarily harmonize with what they are here to do or accomplish. At the same time, there are streams of light which come forth that you can move into allowing for much greater control and clarity of your direction and path. Now is the time to practice sitting with light from higher sources and what has been most familiar to you. I am going to suggest you listen to your inner voice each day as well, for there will be changes and nuances which will come in to help you move forward in the highest and best manner.

Many of you have been feeling this for some time. In some cases you may have made changes and in others, you respond in older ways that once were superior or at least resolving the question. That is not always going to hold you steady up ahead. Rather, as the dimensions begin to shift further and further apart vibrationally, you will need to remain closer to that which suits your nature. This may mean breaks from the past you have long held in place. It may change friends or family relationships. It will alter realities and those holding onto old ways, addictions, and adhesions to the Earth plane in some way that needs to change, finding it difficult to garner the support needed. There is an enormous breaking away this year from what was in your life.

Having said that, it does not mean you are unable to create or refine many things, but as you seek to do so, know there is a level of hope and attainment which is now possible, too, and can remove you from what holds you back. The decision is: Will you let go to move on or will you hold on and stay back? 2018 presents this question. But also, the opportunities to go along with it when you are ready.

From the Highest,


Channeled by Lois Hartwick, Jan 4, 2018

To learn more about Lois' work go to her RTTO webpage.

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