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2017-12-24 Issue


Thank you for your support. Below please read our message about upcoming teleclasses and our channeled inspirational message or messages for the week.

All of us at the RTTO wish you very Merry Holy-Days and a Happy 2018. We're grateful for your support.

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Angelic Transmissions and More

Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST

Annual Forecast with Lord Maitreya ~ Channeled by Lois Hartwick

Lord Maitreya joins us to gift us with this annual forecast. Don't miss this opportunity to find out what the 2018 will bring.


Dec. 24 ~ No Channeling. Merry Christmas!
Dec. 31 ~ No Channeling. Happiest of New Years!

Jan. 7 ~ "Annual Forecast for 2018" with Lord Maitreya

Cost per class is $24.00 or $144.00 for all six classes. Transcriptions of the class sessions are available (usually towards the end of the week) for $5.00 each or $30.00 for all six. To register, go to the series' webpage by clicking here. A teleconference number will be provided prior to each class and after your payment is received.

Jan. 14 ~ Sign of the Times, Part 2 begins. It's a 7-part series with Thoth, Serapis Bey and it includes further discussions on The Emerald Tablets, the Ascension Temple and the Ankh. To register for this series, go to its webpage.


The timing of this message is important.  Realms beyond your planet have different realities within them.  There are upheavals being stirred up on your planet from one of these realities.  At this time, it is important to pray for peace and for light to prevail in your world.  Let it be that you pray as well for the many masters, beings, and angelics who will work to harmonize that which is occurring.  Your prayers are appreciated, as well as needed.
I thank you all.

This is Thoth, the Atlantean

Channeled by Lois, 12-23-2017

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by going to her RTTO webpage or her Expressions of Light website.

The Anchoring Light Meditation IS now available to everyone. One hour prior to the channeling, Lois leads a meditation to anchor light to various situations / places / people. In the past, only those who signed up for the channelings were able to join; however, now we have a separate teleconference number and anyone can join in. (No meditations are held during those Sundays when we do not meet.) Please read more and get the teleconference number at the Anchoring Light webpage.

Holiday Gift Idea: Lois is offering 1-hour channeled readings at the discounted rate of $144.00 during the month of December. Readings must be scheduled by March 31, 2018. Please email Lois to set it up.


"Holiday Season and Solstice" with Ancient of Days through Aurora

To learn more about Aurora go to her RTTO webpage.

"The Gifts of the Wise Men" with Melchior through Lois Hartwick

The Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh at the birth of the Christ child. Each gift symbolized something significant to stabilize his entrance into the world. The gifts of gold are from the Father, who supports all beings, regardless of race or religion. The gift of myrrh is to allow for life to flow with ease to and through a destiny point, and frankincense to clear that which would intercede in any regard this destiny being reached.

You all have destiny points and configurations you have created and chosen to follow. Not all are given the gifts, however, to transmute those energies which come forth, whether because of karma or life interruptions. For this holiday season, it would be well to visualize in your meditation, receiving and accepting these three gifts. The Wise Men have time to present you with such energies to enhance your lives. The season of giving has begun; this is a gift to manifest for you from the higher realms and the many who join with you, often sight unseen, but promoting love and health along the way. Seek out these energies to enhance your lives. Know that what has been given to the Christ child is extended to you. Each child born into your families should receive such gifts as well, to serve their time on this earth.

Mother Mary has been the keeper and guardian of such gifts. She retains them still, for although they were for the baby, his time to hold them at birth was not possible. So mothers hold such energy and make possible life on this planet. Christmas should be a time of remembering birth, accented by the life-giving properties of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Merry Christmas to all. Hold in your hearts this light.


To learn more about Lois' work go to her RTTO webpage.

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