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2017-07-02 Issue


Thank you for your support. Below please find upcoming teleclasses, a channeled message and a link to our new video.

“The Teachings of the Temple” with Serapis Bey and the Masters of the Temple through Lois Hartwick

Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 6:00 PM CDT / 7:00 PM EDT

Karnak Temple, Egypt
A 10-class series divided into two parts. The first part will be discourses given by myself, Serapis, and the second part will be discourses with meditation training practices to explore on your own.

This series is to awaken in you the initial encodements from ancient Egypt and the earlier teachings in Atlantis, which were to create in each of you the opportunity to move vibrationally out of the existent frequencies on earth.

This is not a movement necessarily out of the planet, but rather, a connection in a higher way, through remembering with specific energy focused upon you for the recognition of your soul light and what your original intentions were. All are invited to join.


You can still catch up. Read Serapis important message below. You may register by going to the series' webpage. After you sign up, an email with the teleconference number will be emailed to you--usually on Saturday evening.

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by going to her RTTO webpage or her Expressions of Light website.


"The Ascension Temple" by Serapis Bey through Lois Hartwick

Ascension Temple

Long ago an Ascension Temple was created on your plane for the very specific reason that mankind, during the time of Atlantis and times prior to it, became a much different configuration in essence of spirit in each of you who formed within the direction of being on the earth plane.

What was important then is still important now: That the earthly ways of this planet became learned and the lessons became part of an education or an expansion of oneself, but ultimately, the aspect of your being a part of the Creator and a figure carrying light, was what you were here to do. In time, with many different incarnations and situations, the aspect of light often dimmed because of the experiences one encountered on this plane.

I am not going to speak to the agendas of you having had lifetimes in other realities. In some cases they have not always been so dissimilar. In this given lifetime you have come to a place, many of you, not only to bring forth this light, but to resolve within yourself those places where this light has been clouded or perhaps, in some senses extinguished, or in other senses simply very earth-oriented with the actual essence of yourself forgotten.

So the Temple was created as an opportunity when one's spirit was ready to resolve the incorporation of those things necessary to enlighten the individual who had forgotten the very essence and nature of himself or herself.

If you look around today in your world, you will begin to see there are very few ways in which the earthly plane has not dominated mankind's thinking. This happens in so many different configurations, there is very little reminder of what one's spirit actually was here to do.

Those paragraphs were excerpted from Serapis Bey's first discourse in "The Teachings of the Temple" series as described above.

Serapis is very clear as to our work at this time. He adds:

To all who awaken during these times, there is an urgency afoot, because the momentum of what occurs moves swiftly. By gathering together, uniting in spirit, you find your effect on this plane is preparing for a much greater outcome than readily anticipated. You are also opening the doorway to your own remembering and accessing the higher levels of light regarding of the outcome here. I welcome each one of you who places your hearts into the Ascension Chamber to remove that which has clouded the view and light you carry. Each year new members come forth, seeing more clearly their way. Perhaps you will join us.

Blessings from on High

Serapis Bey

Channeled by Lois Hartwick

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Learn more about Lois' work by going to her RTTO webpage.

"The Anchoring Light Meditation" with Lois Hartwick is now a video!

Click on the image below, which is a YouTube link, to enjoy the latest RTTO video meditation led by Lois Hartwick titled "Anchoring Light 1".

This particular light meditation is called Anchoring Light. It was a practice that was brought up by Archangel Gabriel and Master Hilarion to Lois Hartwick and her group 27 years ago. For years, every Sunday, they practiced a specific geometric patterning design in which they were positoned in the room where they met.

The format of the meditation has changed because people are now joining long distance. The meditations are normally only available to those who participate in the teleconfereces. So in order to share these world service meditations with others, we have created this video.

More video meditations can be found at the RTTO's YouTube videos page by clicking here.

Reiki Anyone?

Fernando Acosta continues to offer distance Reiki sessions, 20 min session for a suggested donation of $30.00. Fernando is an accomplished master healer and channels Reiki and other healing energies from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and many other Ascended Masters and Higher Beings. Read more about Fernando by visiting his RTTO webpage. Please email Martha if you would like to set up a session.

Returning to the Oneness is an online metaphysical center that offers spiritual teachings and support from Ascended Masters--Beings of Light who are world teachers, masters of Wisdom and Love, saints/sages of the ages who care deeply about our planet and humanity. The classes offered are taught via teleconference.

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