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2017-06-18 Issue


Thank you for your support. Below please find upcoming teleclasses, meditations, and a few important messages.

“Opening the Doorway to the Higher Dimensions” A FREE introductory Teleclass with Thoth through Lois Hartwick

Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 6:00 PM CDT / 7:00 PM EDT

A special gift for those of you who enjoy Thoth's teachings:

"A brief discussion of the higher realities which are mostly unseen by humanity yet exist within the spectrum of light in your galaxy. It is a time when there are many energies and forces coming in to contend with and you find your earth plane is being bombarded with much dissension because there is little understanding about this influx of higher energy being mixed with that which has long been present and known as 3D."


Intrigued? Click here to read our flyer describing what will be covered and find out how to participate in this free teleclass.


Our new series of classes, titled "Teachings of the Temple" with Master Serapis Bey and the Temple Masters, channeled by Lois, begins on June 25. Information and registration can be found at series' webpage. All are invited to join.

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by going to her RTTO webpage or her Expressions of Light website. If you hover over the RTTO website navigation bar / About / Lois Hartwick and you will find links to free channelings she offers.


"All Can Access my Being for Light Dissemination" by Lord Metatron through Lois Hartwick

Summer Solstice

Dear Earth Angels~

There comes a time when the passion of rhetoric must be put aside and the heart listened to with great care and deeper fervor. We are entering such a time, because there will be so many versions of the same story you will be bombarded with up ahead. But in the higher realms, there is always access to Truth, and if not the constancy of the vibration, know that this energy can be sent to you in such a way you have realizations, if not vision or empathy or hearing, as to the place to be.

Each of you can be plugged into these formations of energy which will be expressed to you when you ask. In some cases you may seek this on personal levels as well, beside the larger picture.

Circumstances change according to the light within and around you. Some will be receptive with ease, connecting easily because the field they are in has much more light within it. It does not mean that many of you are not receiving such light, but perhaps less easily in environments where more confusion or lack of clarity reigns at this time.

Allow for your inner heart to show you the way. For those who have done work with Sananda in the last series on the 3-part flame, you are going to find levels of clarity growing up ahead.

Your plane has varying aspects depending where you reside. So someone in the South Seas may have a completely different measure of expression than another residing in northern Canada. In the country of [the United States of] America a great deal is about to unfold and many will be calling for action to take place. Know what is true and what is most important for you—both personally and collectively—to move through.

The summer Solstice this year has much to embrace from an energetic standpoint. For those of you seeking to bring forth greater light to this earth, not only for this given time, but up ahead, I would ask you to remember each day that accessing my being for light dissemination to you is possible and effective. It will serve well in the months ahead.

I am also able to activate one or two of your significant crystals to hold light vibrations of a higher nature, and by holding them within the meditations connecting with me, they will be infused as well. Crystals contain many given properties, but they can also retain energies in the surrounding area where they reside. To assure keeping them at a peak performance and assisting your work, align them with us both each meditation you take with me. The light will therefore emanate from this crystal or those you place within the light field each day to support what you are seeking to create. Some of you may find this is possible to infuse certain crystals as well to place them in other given areas or with friends as an uplift for them also.

Know that all Creation can work together creating harmony for many of you to move forward with what your purpose is ... to fly a little bit higher.

Remember your hearts. Listen to that beat, rhythm, movement, wisdom and love. The light will join you.

I am Metatron in active service with each of you.

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Learn more about Lois' work by going to her RTTO webpage.

Reiki Anyone?

Fernando Acosta continues to offer distance Reiki sessions, 20 min session for a suggested donation of $30.00. Fernando is an accomplished master healer and channels Reiki and other healing energies from Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and many other Ascended Masters and Higher Beings. Read more about Fernando by visiting his RTTO webpage. Please email Martha if you would like to set up a session.

Returning to the Oneness is an online metaphysical center that offers spiritual teachings and support from Ascended Masters--Beings of Light who are world teachers, masters of Wisdom and Love, saints/sages of the ages who care deeply about our planet and humanity. The classes offered are taught via teleconference.

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