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2016-04-03 Issue


Thank you for your support. Below is our class for this week followed by our weekly inspirational message.

Golden Ankh "The Golden Ank Teachings" ~ with Thoth, Kwan Yin, Isis, Ezekiel, Sananda and others joining in from time to time ~ Channeled by Lois Hartwick

Sunday, April 3, 2016, 6:00 PM CDT/7:00 PM EDT

• Sananda Speaks to the Topics and Meaning of this Series Ahead
• Teachings on Healing
• Teachings on Clearing Negative Energies
• Clearing Land and Property
• Moving through Personal Energies of Thought and Emotion
• Clearing Karmic Aspects

"It is anticipated that in the 10 weeks of the series [which started Jan 24] we will cover all topics listed, although some may take longer in dispensing concepts and ideas from the ancient times as well as those updated in some respect for the newer energies we are in." --Thoth

This is our last class of a 10-week series. However, MP3 recordings of the series will continue to be available for purchase. If interested go to the class webpage and contact us.

What's Next

Go to our website for a preview of what's coming up next -- "Earth Update" (April 10 and 17) and "A Soul's Journey of Integration" (April 24 to May 22).

Learn more about Lois Hartwick's work by visiting her teacher's page at the RTTO and her website www.expressionsoflight.com.


Important and Holy Messages by Mother Mary and Lord Maitraya 

Mother Mary

Greetings to all on Earth:

I've come closer to you now as I have been called to inspire you and to love you in these most holy of days. Feel my energies of unconditional love and compassion surround you as you breath in deeply.

I also bring forth the energies of comfort and peace. See them begin to fill your bodies from top to the bottom of your feet. See the colors of pink and violet swirling around you as the shimmering cosmic gold of the Creator begins to enter your crown chakra.

Please open your heart to allow this energy to circulate and heal your body. Breathe in deeply now and give thanks for this gift.

This is a holy time and we must give thanks for all we have been given to now. Look how much you have just grown in just the past few years. Isn't it wonderful? Shine your loving light out to all your brothers and sisters; make their lives just a little better by giving them a helping hand and have compassion for them. This is your time to make a difference and to truly be the instrument of the Divine.

Blessings to each and everyone of you this day. Call on me if you need extra love and support.

I AM the Blessed Mother Mary

Channeled by Shirley Mayes, 03/24/2016

Read more about Shirley at her teacher's page.


Lord Maitreya

Good Morning Dear Ones,

It is the Dawn of a New Age!

Sit outside with me and watch the new dawn light. See the glowing pink and rose colors of light in this new dawn.

I AM Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ. If you do not know me, I am the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmos, and yes, I have a physical manifestation that I bring to Earth from time to time to help with the dawn of this new age that has been slow in coming to fruition…but it is upon us now.

Spend time gazing at the sunrise and sunset, see the difference between now and when you have previously watched.

Hear and feel the hope being shined forth through that rising sun. Feel the rising of the sun in your heart, rising you to new levels of awareness, of kindness, and new levels of patience with yourself and others.

If you will sit and watch the dawn or sunset. I will be with you the next 30 days, sitting with you in your consciousness, helping you to absorb the new energies of the new age.

That is all for now. Sit with me in the morning at sunrise, or at sunset or both.

You WILL feel my energies as the Cosmic Christ.

Lord Maitreya, channeled by Aurora Lappin, 03/29/2016

Read more about Aurora at her teacher's page.

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