1st Ray

1st Ray Positive – Divine Will – Pink-red

Affirmation: I serve Divine Will. I manifest Divine Will. I Am Divine Will.

The 1st Ray positive is a pink-red color of Divine Will and leadership. When one is fully aligned around their central axis of Divine Will, which is how this Ray works, then there is an immense sense of peace and an ability to move spontaneously and gently in a wonderful flow, a joyful flow. Many bodies will respond to the whole notion of Divine Will with very strong tension. We all hold remembrances from programs from many lifetimes when the teachings were that Divine Will was intense, or negative, or harsh.

The Will of the Divine is always towards joy and harmony. The purpose of life is to be happy, and as one holds this energy of the 1st Ray, there will be a tremendous increase in flow of joy within the body. This beautiful magenta, pink-red color of the 1st Ray positive is a mixture of the red with the 7th Ray purple-violet color and is quite cheerful in its energy.



In this deeper relationship with Divine Will, 1st Ray positive pink-red, there is the assistance to be able to connect the heart, your knowing, your soul’s knowing, with your head, wisdom, beyond the brain, and to actually manifest it out into the world, through the throat chakra which is to manifest your will or communicate and express it in some way. When we attune to this Ray, the core of our being is in alignment with our Divine Will. We stand in the center of our wisdom, connected to our soul and monad and we say “I accept my Divine Purpose.”


A downloadable MP3 of the 1st Ray class with the attunement to the First Ray can be purchased, using PayPal, at the  Products and Services  page. Please specify the number of the Ray for which you want the attunement.