Ancient Wisdom From Egypt — Channeled Teachings from the Masters

We are excited to announce our course, “Ancient Wisdom From Egypt–Channeled Teachings From The Masters.” These classes were facilitated by Martha Lopez-Durkin, Shirley Mayes and Jenifer McKenzie and were led by King Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Cleopatra, Lady Isis, Master Thoth, Mother Mary and other Ascended Masters.  The course is now available as a digital package in the  Products  page.

In November 2011, Jenifer and Martha traveled to Egypt to be there for the 11-11-11 Celebration. On the right, you see their picture in front of the Temple of Isis in Philae. Shirley was called in energetically each day. The changes that occurred to each one of them as a result of this journey were profound and numerous. After their return, each began to channel the Wisdom Teachings of Egypt through various Masters and they were encouraged by the Ascended Masters to offer these teachings through the teleconference classes.

During these classes, the Egyptian Masters led by King Akhenaten [a Christed being sent by Creator to prepare the energies for Master Jesus’ work] took us to the Temple of Wisdom [in the inner planes] where we experienced their teachings and healing energies. Many of us experienced numerous lives in Egypt which was the center of civilization in the ancient world for approximately 3000 years. The great misuse of power by the few over the many as well as the suppression of the Divine Feminine did not originate in Egypt but it spread from there to other ancient civilizations and, unfortunately, continues to this day.  NOW is the time to balance the power and return the Divine Feminine to this world and heal and balance the masculine so that it becomes the Divine Masculine that it was meant to be. To help us in this effort, many Egyptian Ascended Masters as well as other Masters who work with us and assisted us in these classes during which much healing of the imbalances in our subtle bodies takes place.

The messages below were given to the three facilitators and for students of the classes to provide an overview of what was covered in the classes.

Messages from the Masters


 Greetings Beloved Students,

I am King Akhenaten. Your Egyptian team awaits you. We are waiting to open the doors of our mystery school to you. We feel that your classes will begin soon for they have our blessing, and the blessing of all the masters that work with you. These classes will be very practical and fun and uplifting in a way that will be different from your other classes which are also very powerful and well done. It is now time for the return of the Egyptian mystery school and all that that embodied at the time that I was there (around 1300 BC). I planted the seeds during that time and I buried them so that they could come forth during THIS time.

The seeds are now sprouting and growing, coming out of the ground to see the light of day, and it is through classes such as yours that the energy that was buried during that ancient time will be reignited in this now moment. This energy carries many blessings and much healing for those who were present during those ancient times. So those that are drawn to your classes can be assured that this is part of recapturing those pieces of themselves, healing what needs to be healed, and inviting that ancient part of themselves to join with them in this time. This is what you [Jenifer and Martha] experienced when you were in Egypt [during November in 2011]. There was much happening on many levels that you had a sense of, but in each temple and pyramid that you went to, there were parts of your ancient selves that were waiting for you, and in the other planes and dimensions, you reunited, hugged each other, and became one again and that is why you returned feeling so different. It is a natural process and one that you can offer all those that will be attracted to this class. It will be of great service, and as you know–it will be serving not only those in the physical, but those that are not in the physical that wish to participate in the healing of this. So we are very pleased and very ready to be of service.

I will be with you in these classes and will lead you in meditation and the Wisdom Teachings.

We thank you for your service and we look forward to being with you in these classes.

I am King Akhenaten.
Channeled by Jenifer McKenzie

Good evening my beautiful Goddesses of Light,

You are standing in the golden Light of the One God. We are all eager to speak to you and come forth this evening. There is much about the feminine deities that needs to come forth and be anchored. There are many others here that will be assisting with that. There may not always be as many words, but our mission is with you, with your anchoring of this feminine Light in this lifetime. You were all in the mystery schools and you all went to the temples. There were many different types of temples–some for the women and some for the men and the elite. The teachings were basically the same; they teach about being on the Earth and experiencing duality while walking in the Light. Our goal is to bring the wholeness of these teachings forward so that every human on Earth might be balanced with the feminine and the masculine and that will become what you call your New Golden Age of Light. We have much work to do and we are looking forward to working with you in these classes. Much will unfold, and many will speak. Be open to receive and to ground this knowledge and Light into the Earth; for this is what you call the ascension, the unity, the oneness, the peace, and the love of the many.

Message from Queen Nefertiti channeled by Shirley Mayes

This is Cleopatra. I was hoping to talk to the three of you about this very exciting project of yours. I wish to reassure the channel that it is indeed my voice, merged with hers, of course, that is coming through. I want to reassure her that as a Pharaoh of Egypt I was trained in many of the mystery schools, in all of the mystery schools existing at that point, and I trained with Lady Isis and embodied Lady Isis’ Divine Feminine energies. My experience of being in this ancient time, and my experience with power, will contribute greatly to the classes for it is the Divine Feminine that needs balancing (of power).

We will be grounding the Divine Feminine energies. We are already doing that through the three of you. The energies will be grounded through the three of you and shared with the class. This work is very important right now, and I think that the three of you understand that as all of us understand it on this side.

I love Egypt–as many of you do. It has been such an important part of my soul even throughout other incarnations, and I am very glad that the seeds that Akhenaton planted will now be growing into beautiful plants and share such beautiful energies that he planted so long ago. I leave you now with the love of the Divine Feminine from all the Egyptian Goddesses who are showering it upon you.

Message from Cleopatra channeled by Martha Lopez-Durkin

Beloved Ladies,

It is I, Mother Mary, along with Mary Magdalene and many of the other lady masters that carry the Divine Feminine. We will all be assisting you in these classes. One of your classes will be called “Honoring the Divine Feminine” and we will practice grounding the Divine Feminine and investigating what it is. What is the Divine Feminine? How can we put it into words? Can we talk about it? Can we bring the qualities of the Divine Feminine energy consciously into our world that we walk in.

We will assist you in doing this, for this truly is the assignment of humanity now to bring in and understand the Divine Feminine qualities and to bring in and understand the Divine Masculine qualities and to live them and breathe them and balance them. We wanted you to know that we are your team for your support in this effort and in developing these teachings which is a remembrance for you, for you are all masters in this. I leave you now.

I am Mother Mary.
Channeled by Jenifer McKenzie

I am here. I am Master Thoth.

Thank you for hearing my call to work with you as I wish to be included in the new Egyptian classes.

I am an ancient being. I am known to be from Atlantis, but I come from the beginning. Our project was the Earth and the manifestation of life on Earth which has been going on for millions of years. It has been a grand experiment and has changed many times–upgraded you might say–to higher and higher life forms. Many civilizations have come and gone. They have reached their highest potential and have ceased to be. All the records are still around and can be tapped into when you have reached at least the fifth dimensional vibration. Atlantis was a golden age that lasted thousands of years.

The free will of men has truly been the highest experiment because it is so unpredictable. But for the purpose of our coming-up classes, the Egyptian mystery school teachings: the meaning and the higher vibrational frequencies that were obtained in that period is where we are focusing on now. Many of the teachings in those mystery schools came from Atlantis as we were trying to protect the higher teachings. Many were lost and only a few were able to be part of these teachings. Because of the consciousness of the planet at this time, we wish for these teachings to be available to all that would desire them.

You are so important to us. Without you, it would not be possible. There are many hidden mysteries in Egypt, and we see it being an exciting adventure for all of you. There are many that wish to come forward to express their knowledge and their gifts of that time period.

So I thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to be of service this way. It should prove to be a very exciting adventure for all of you.

So peace be with you this day. I shall take my leave.

I am Master Thoth.
Channeled by Shirley Mayes

It is I, Lady Isis, coming through this channel now.

I wish to come forward at this time to bring forth my energies and support of the Divine Feminine. I am the Divine Mother of Ancient Times. Much has been written about me in parables, metaphors, and I wish to bring forth more information this day. I, the Mother Energy, come from the beginning of the No-time Realms of Light. I have many forms that I come through to make my presence known to all.

The Divine Feminine energy is most important; it has always been important to balance and nurture, to love all of life, and I wish to support all now, in this time period, the closing of cycles that spiral upward again into the higher realms. To do this, we must balance the energies of Earth and humanity. And I come forward to support you in this endeavor. The Mother-Father All-That-Is has willed this so. It is now time for these changes to come about.

I come forward today to bring my energies and support to the new Egyptian teachings and I am very happy to bring forth my wisdom and truth and feminine energies to help all open their hearts and to expand their hearts even more than they thought possible to help transmute and transform these miscreations and the out-of-balance male energies that have been dominant on Earth these many thousands of years. It is now time to bring forth the mother energies, the goddess energies. Feel my love surrounding you as it flows through your body comforting and nurturing and loving every single particle of your body. As it spirals through and down, down deep within the Earth to support Mother Earth also. And as we do this, feel the love of Mother Earth flowing back up in a spiral and sending you love, her love. And just see this flow of energy back and forth; up the spiral as it goes on up to the heavens and then it flows back down the spiral through all your bodies down into the Earth, back down to Mother Earth again. Now feel this love from Mother Earth coming up the spiral through your bodies, all the bodies, back up to the heavens spiraling back down, through every cell in your body, and spirals down out your feet, down into the core of Mother Earth. Now, see this spiral extending out, and it begins to circle the earth surrounding the earth in a beautiful pink light. Everyone on Earth will begin to feel this love and light. See the Earth bathing in this beautiful pink light as it shimmers and glows even brighter now. And we will leave this surrounding the Earth as it bathes and soothes and nourishes everyone.

I will begin to close the energies right now and I thank all of you for being available to work with this energy. God bless you. I love you and I support you. Peace be with you.

I am Isis.
Channeled by Shirley Mayes

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