This is the legal language that needs to be used in this day and age. It’s unfortunate but it is necessary. We take this statement seriously and we stand by it.

Channeling is for entertainment purposes only. Channeled material is never intended to substitute for any professional (medical, legal, etc.) advice. We urge you to consult your professional providers for any health, psychological, legal, or other issues.

Channeled material, like stress reduction or meditation material, may invoke an altered state of consciousness. One should never experience such materials while driving a vehicle, operating other heavy machinery or equipment, or in any another situation that common sense would indicate it’s not a good idea. Returning to the Oneness in no way endorse or monitor the services offered by other channels or practitioners. We encourage individual discernment in all aspects of life, and also when seeking such entertainment.

By experiencing any materials or services available on the Returning to the Oneness website, or scheduling a session, workshop, seminar, class or any other service with any facilitator or practitioner connected with or linked to or from this web site, or purportedly connected with or linked to Returning to the Oneness website:

You agree to release and hold harmless Returning to the Oneness and any and all facilitators and practitioners from any and all liability for any injury or issue that may arise from this entertainment experience, either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, and before, during or after any session, class, program or any other service.

Now that we can get back to the softer side, your feedback is important, and is always welcome. Let us know about your experience so that we can continue to serve you and others in the best possible way. If we may use your testimonial, let us know. Thank you!

Martha López-Durkin
Director, Returning to the Oneness
Center for the Growth of the Soul
[email protected]