2019 Winter/Early Spring Schedule

Teleconference Classes Channeled by Lois Hartwick

Ascension Practices ~ An Antigravity Handbook
A 9-Class Series, Plus 2

Feb. 3 Contacting Your Ancestors ~ Do they support you?
How does your lineage work up ahead? What carryovers must yet be cleared?
Feb. 10 Clearing Practices for Opening New Doorways ~
Including Violet Flame practices
St Germain
Feb. 17 Moving Toward Wholeness ~ What are the changes you need to embrace? Hilarion
Feb. 24 Divine Feminine ~ What masters are confirming and securing the movement ahead needed for this frequency shift? Lady Portia
Mar. 3 Karma ~ What remains to be overcome in 3D for you individually despite prevailing conditions including ancestral? Kwan Yin
Mar. 10 Ushering in the New Dynamic ~ Correlate with the spinal vertebrae, time space continuum, chakras and restorative dynamic infusions and movement Yogananda
Mar. 17 Creating Your New Timeline  Adama
Mar. 24 Energy for Heart Expansion Emmanuel
Mar. 31 Steps into A New Reality: Welcome! Thoth
End of 9-week package
Plus-2 classes below
Apr. 7 Ra Speaks Ra
Apr. 14 Spiritual Laws Djwal Khul
End of 11-week package
No class on Easter Sunday, Apr. 21


A NOTE FROM LOIS:  For this series of 9, the amount per class is $25.00 or $225.00.  But am offering at $25.00 discount for those taking all 9–one class free–so the total amount would be $200.00.  Additionally $5.00 is taken off the full amount for the transcriptions, which normally would total $45.00 and are now $40.00.  I thank you for your continual participation and hope this reflects my appreciation a tiny bit!

COSTS:  Cost of the 9-class package is $200.00; 11-class package is $250.00; individual classes are $25.00. Transcriptions of classes available, by the end of the week ONLY to those who attend classes. Transcriptions are $5.00 per class.

The teleconferences are scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Mountain time / 6:00 PM Central time / 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Our World Service meditation, Anchoring Light, begins one hour prior to the channeling. If you’re interested, click  here  to learn more about it.


You may sign up for the 11-class package or for the 9-class package, then the ‘Plus 2.’ To register, use the PayPal buttons below or send a check; see instructions below. An email with a teleconference number will be provided after payment is received and prior to class (usually Saturday evening). Use the teleconference number to listen to the channeled teaching live. A link to download the class recording is provided soon after the class. This way you can download and listen to the recording as many times as you wish. We do ask that you do not share the teleconference number or recording with those who have not exchanged energy with us.



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Classes + MP3 Recordings

2019 Winter/Early Spring – Package of ALL 11 classes, $250.00

2019 Winter/Early Spring – Package of 9 classes, $200.00

For the Plus-2 classes, use the One Class button below and select the appropriate quantity.   – Let  Martha  know which class you want.

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Transcriptions (Available only to those who are enrolled in the classes.)

2019 Winter/Early Spring – Package of ALL 11 transcriptions $50.00

2019 Winter/Early Spring – Package of 9 transcriptions $40.00

For one class transcription, use the One-transcription button below and select the appropriate quantity.

One transcription $5.00 – Let  Martha  know which one you want.

Which class or classes?:


Send a Check or Money Order for the amounts quoted above and specify your request. Make check payable to Lois Hartwick and mail to 188 Maple Ave, Gt Barrington, MA 01230. Please allow enough time for Lois to receive payment via snail mail and provide e-mail address so we can send you an email with the teleconference number.