Anchoring Light Meditation

Anchoring Light Meditation

Channeled and Led by Lois Hartwick

Every Sunday Prior to the Channeled Teachings,
6:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM CST, 4:00 PM MST, 3:00 PM PST

Every Sunday prior to the channelings, Lois conducts a world service, anchoring light meditation that involves connecting to the Ascended Masters and Higher Beings of Light to bring in Light from the Higher Realms. Once connected, with intention, those participating send the Light to (1) situations in the world in need of assistance and (2) to an etheric pyramid of light under construction. The Masters, channeled by Lois, set up the configuration and during a 30-minute silent meditation, which follows, the love and gratitude is sent to the pyramid. 

To encourage more people to participate in this meditation, even if they do not sign up for the channelled teaching, the RTTO dedicates a separate conference number to this effort:

The number is 712-770-4160 code 189857#

The meditation begins at 6:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM CT/ 4:00 PM MT / 3:00 PM . If you wish to participate in this free meditation, all you have to do is dial the number and the code provided above. As noted previously, this is a different from the code used for the channeling. To get an idea of what the meditation is about, go to  RTTO YouTube Page  and scroll down to view a couple of videos which were created around the Anchoring Light meditation.

It should be noted that by participating in this effort more light is focused on those who participate. Hope you join us.

EXCERPTS FROM A MESSAGE FROM LOIS, 22 Apr 2019 — After the Sri Lanka Incident

For the past 22 years or so my meditation group has worked co-creatively with the Masters who create Pyramids of Light in the etheric.  These are 4-sided structures which have been erected by special means outlined in lines of light to contain energy over given areas of our earth.

However, to have meaning and purpose, they must be linked into by those of us doing meditation, sending in energy of love and/or gratitude into the capstone of the pyramid.  This is facilitated by intention and use of our breath.  This practice has been generated by a small group of people weekly for over 22 years.  Etheric pyramids take some time to fill, for our numbers are small, although such intention can be done on an individual basis as well.  Once completely filled with above-described energy, the pyramids are activated by the Masters and begin to rotate, spinning above a designated locale, energies placed within to temper and harmonize a specific area.  This energy expands over miles, minimizing some of the harsher elements which potentially come forth.

All pyramid locations are designated to me as to where they will be placed, one at a time.  I never know what this location will be in advance, nor the specific significance of a given area.  And it has only been of late that more understanding has been given that these pyramids connect into the grid as well as each other.  Two different grids will be revealed at a later time, with these pyramids linking them together and essentially powering both in upcoming times.  The project is not completed and could use more who feel called to join us in such an effort.

The reason for this message now is that the pyramid we were guided to begin 3 weeks ago is over Colombo, Sri Lanka.   In such a short time, this pyramid is not even close to being activated; it will take us appx. 2 months to fill this pyramid for the energies begin to infiltrate the area.  With the devastation which has already hit that city, I wondered if others, knowing of our practice, might join us and hurry the process, so to speak, filling the pyramid with love/gratitude energy.  Any one of you can visualize this pyramid over Sri Lanka and link into the capstone with your intention and breath doing whatever type meditation you do.  Should the energies anyone send not be of a high enough vibration, they will not be ‘accepted’ in.

Thank you to those who wish to join in.  This is a co-creative effort and what many of us have come here to do.  I welcome your joining us and helping wherever so guided.

Many blessings

Lois Hartwick