Teachings of the Temple

Ascension Flame with Twin Flames

By Master Serapis Bey and the Masters of the Ascension Temple

Teleconferences Every Sunday, 7:00 PM ET,
From June 25 to August 27, 2017

A 10-week series divided into two parts. The first part will be discourses given by myself, Serapis, and the second part will be part discourses with meditation training practices to explore on your own.

This series is to awaken in you the initial encodements from ancient Egypt and the earlier teachings in Atlantis, which were to create in each of you the opportunity to move vibrationally out of the existent frequencies on earth. This is not a movement necessarily out of the planet, but rather, a connection in a higher way, through remembering with specific energy focused upon you for the recognition of your soul light and what your original intentions were.

Luxor Temple

The Twin Flame personages are welcome as well, in the process, should you so desire. There will be some reference toward aligning these frequencies together throughout the series with two specific activations geared toward further twin integration, removing disharmonious aspects. All teachings will be from myself or those aligned within the Ascension Temple from the Luxor etheric frequencies.

You are welcome to join with those of us preparing to emanate energies of transmission of four frequencies from the Higher Realms to sustain your balance and incorporation of Creator’s light. These practices are not for the curious but those who have been consciously awakening on their path.

Open hearts required.

–Serapis Bey


Registration cost is $250.00 for new initiates; $225.00 for those initiates continuing from prior classes with Hilarion, Thoth and Serapis.  A teleconference number will be provided prior to class and after your payment is received.


“Ascension Fire” image source: https://secure.meetupstatic.com/ photos/event/8/9/b/1/600_457595249.jpeg; “Luxor Temple” photo by Russell Chen



Classes + MP3 Recordings

New-Initiates Package of 10 classes $250.00

Continuing-Initiates Package of 10 classes $225.00  

One class $25.00 – Let  Martha  know which one you want.

Transcriptions (Available only to those who are enrolled in the classes.)

Package of 10 transcriptions $50.00

One transcription $5.00 – Let  Martha  know which one you want.

Which transcript?:


Send a Check or Money Order for the amounts quoted above and specify your request. Make check payable to Lois Hartwick and mail to 188 Maple Ave, Gt Barrington, MA  01230. Please allow enough time for Lois to receive payment via snail mail and provide e-mail address so we can send you an email with the teleconference number.