Offerings by Jesus Sananda and Mother Mary

Opening the Doors to What’s Ahead – March 12, 2017 ~ 7:00 PM EDT

Christ Consciousness – A Beginning – March 19, 2017 ~ 7:00 PM EDT

It is important to have a sense of reality in one’s being, but much is lost in the whirlwind of earth’s energies being propagated by many at this point creating more confusion than clarity. Discussion about this in a more mystical way will be brought forth, but also to understand the overlayment of energies which are being brought in this season and time on planet Earth. The next several months will be bringing in new issues and determinations unexpectedly. Holding a great deal of light, inner balance and the alignment with the Creator energy will serve you well. Find new ways to put forth what you receive. A time of transition on a course which is steered from ‘above’.

These classes can be $24.00 each or $44.00 for both. Let that be the guided rate not based on the past, but acceptable now. You will find these classes, if one were to call it that, a help to alleviating pressures and stress of this time. Each person who chooses to join with this, will find an assignment of a higher Initiate assigned to them, along with a specific angelic presence now ready to assist in what is to be opened and brought forth at this time. An Easter Blessing for some but for others a very designated path.

I Am that I Am



Mother Mary in the World — March 26, 2016 also at 7:00 PM EDT

Mother Mary will come forth to explain her presence in the world and why she appears throughout time. What is important to focus on up ahead. Her work is never done and much will be brought forth from her in the future, including messages. In some case through channels and in others least suspecting.

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