Allow for the transmission of the energy of love to prevail within your heart…

This is a transcription of our “Remember Your Heart in the World of Light, class 8” teaching.  It is being shared by Lois to assist all during this very difficult week for our country and world.

Remember Your Heart in the World of Light
Led by Thoth, Metatron and Mercury
Channelled by Lois Hartwick
Transcribed by Ellen Nairn
Class 8 – November 6, 2016
With Metatron and Lady Athena


Beloved Beings of Light, beloved souls who have come to this planet to engage in a livelihood of life to bring forth light to the many you engage with, and to understand that, initially and finally, the totality of being is aligned with love.

This becomes the actual division that is happening in your world today which we could classify and say, “Remembering or not,” and those who are standing on one side who are not remembering are being confronted in some regard – even if the most loving of ways manufactures and happens – by those who choose to extend this energy further. Yet, there is ridicule and derision, and a variety of expressions that come forth between members of humanity who have forgotten their entire soul purpose on this plane.

Now, in many cases, this has always been expected and known, because there is what is often called the “veil” and one needs to go beyond this to understand a greater picture or have a greater view. It would not be unlike you walking along and experiencing a beautiful spring day with birds chirping and everything green and in foliage, yet in five minutes you are in a plane and you are up in the clouds and you are viewing acres and acres and acres of this level of greenery but not in minute detail or in specific instances as if you were walking.

So this is not unlike necessarily the experiences of being on another dimension or breaking through the veil so that your understanding is a lot greater and more expansive. The challenge has been – and remains – to be able to incorporate both at the same time. In other words, you are walking the path but you are viewing yourselves walking the path; you are experiencing the birds while you are hearing the jet engines motoring along; you are in the clouds but you are seeing the greenery of Earth.

This is what is meant by the expansion, by your breaking through, by your being able to increase your ability to open the heart to a much greater level of compassion, love and dedication to all that you bring in. It becomes extremely hard at certain times because, at the moment you are seeing joyfulness and beautiful things, you see many of the difficult paths that people must walk on this planet at this time.

So it is that you will also see with this election an expansion in the greater levels of awareness which are occurring – expansion which can happen on your planet, expansion in terms of greater measures of compassion – yet there are those who are expending a lot of their energy in ways that are not productive or helpful. But what you can do with that is expand further and allow for the transmission of the energy of love to prevail within your heart, instead of those moments of despair, anger, disillusionment or even stronger.

It is important to bring forth this higher energy of love, particularly as you are expanding, and this is what everyone is feeling at this time. Many are refusing to accept it and many are extremely angry because they do not wish to be stretched beyond where they presently are. This creates the division and the gulf that you are presently witnessing.

So now, from my perspective, here is what I what I would like to bring forth and share with you today.

Each of you has practiced bringing forth the emanations of light that have been potentially offered to each who has requested this. It is an ongoing practice from my perspective that will be afforded you the rest of your lives, if you choose it – and even beyond this plane, if you choose it.

But now, let us combine within this the Creator’s love for All That Is. You may think that would be part of it automatically, would it not? And I would say to some degree “yes, this is true.” But, in another sense, I would say “it is important to request at this time that love begin to fill your hearts” because there have been places that are sad, broken, afraid, or unsure even, as to what is forthcoming and what is next, and how to fulfil those places that even can be voided out, or seemingly so.

So, as we work together this week in requesting for my transmission of light to your physical being, I want you to include the Creator’s love quotient to be incorporated fully within your heart. Practicing this for the next 7 days – and not to make you feel that it should only be for 7 days – but for 7 days in the sense of our next class I think will be important.

This is a week in which you will receive in your world dramatic responses to that which has been occurring – a conclusion perhaps of what has been promoted and pushed and fostered for the past year or year-and-a-half upon the American people, but into your world in general. So, what better time, with all this division, to be requesting that you are receiving and residing in a higher place?

We recognise – the many of us who work with you on so many different levels – that this is a particularly expansive time on your planet, and not necessarily an easy one for many of you either. The levels of uncertainty and the aspects of, let’s say, security that many of you have had have disappeared, and finding what will be ahead has become more of a challenge.

At the same time, each of you have been advised that you have an opportunity to have a team, and have called together members of your choice to be part of this team and to build a platform to support and hold you in a much finer or easier manner than would be without.

I would like to remind you and encourage you to ask, once again, for your team to bring you a great measure of support, particularly during this week, but in times that follow. And that your energy, along with the personal needs that you may have, be utilised toward bringing forth a much more gentle and greater love on this planet.

This is needed now. This is a much higher calling, and many will see it in a completely different way that may ultimately prove to be even more divisive than has been.

When you are working up ahead, not only with what we are accomplishing here but in a series that Master Hilarion will lead, these are going to be the energies of healing and love that are needed to be generated to your planet. Certainly it is important for many of you within your own beings, but it is a time in which there needs to be reparation from that which has been tearing so much apart.

Now what is possible in all of this – or that you have been a part of, let’s say, feeling within yourselves – is that the opportunity to create, as you have long heard, two worlds is very much upon you. And some of you are working consciously toward creating a newer and different reality, and others are feeling rather – I don’t know if the word is “dumbstruck” exactly, but somewhat like that – in terms of the ability to move forward and create what once was a part of your dream.

We need to marry the potential of the possibility into the reality and dispense with that which may be questioning if this is even possible. I do not feel that there has been enough attention provided toward the creation of a newer world ahead. So there will be, at least from some of us who work with you, a bigger and, let’s say, brighter and more expansive potential toward this end.
Yet, it must be that love is prevailing in your hearts.

We know from experience, from having watched this world and humanity react to given situations, that when there is given times of upheaval, that holding or maintaining love has become a very difficult proposition. Therefore, the work that will be done, not only in the remainder of this class but that which will be upcoming, will be more accentuated in this potential by those who come forth to speak to you, and to utilise some other thoughts and ideas about expanding this within your heart.

The Creator, of which I am a part, yet a spokesperson essentially of His given personality, light, potential, energy and all that exists, is a part of what will be distributed through myself to each of you who request.

I would also like to mention that when I say “His,” I also refer to “Hers,” because this is a level of Oneness that at some point has been split into some male or female characteristics as one moves through a number of different dimensions and reaches a plateau where you presently are. But in the Oneness and in the totality, this is not divided to the measures and extremes that you see on your planet.

So we have in the English language few pronouns which are expressive of this Oneness and totality. Excuse that which may determine in your mind that one is favoured over another – it is neither, for it is One.

In the expression of love, you represent and find that within your own hearts there are certain beings that you connect with where this love is more predominant or present in your given experience. There may be times when it would be suitable for you to ask for them very specifically to assist you in filling the heart area with a greater expansion of love in this forthcoming period of time.

It does not mean that I will not; it does not mean that it will not be part of the Creator. But it may be that there is someone that you are able to connect to or with or think of who fills you with love just at the thought. This is a way of beginning to expand and hold this energy, and by asking that being to assist you and streaming energy of love forthcoming into you up ahead.

Now there are many different ways that love is being brought to your planet, and you will find there are things that expand your heart much more so than others. Often a walk in nature on a beautiful day or perhaps even in a rainstorm of some sort might expand you in this regard, because there is this love that you are able to feel and express yourself.

So as well as asking for this in your meditations, I would like you to think of 2 or 3 things that you can do this week that are, for you, expanders in your heart that bring forth this energy and this greater level of support.

It is important to counter a great deal that will be in turmoil. You do not need to bring that forth and split or divide any part of yourself. As I say this, it may seem like words, however, I am saying this with great seriousness. It is important that you not fall into some internal division within yourself as to the potential of life and what love can accomplish and achieve, and what you are here to do.

Let this be a very strong and powerful measure for each of you this week, and to be dedicated to the higher aspects of yourself and your potential.

I speak this, even though perhaps a bit sternly today, with love that extends beyond what you can potentially imagine.

You live on a plane of enormous beauty. You have chosen this time. Allow it to be your hearts that encompass this world and expand it so that they can hold love ongoingly in an enormous measure. It is a time in which you are needed.

You are love and you are supported.

This is Metatron.



I have spoken to each of you before to carry within your beings the opportunity for greater clarity. You have just heard a very distinct and important message.

I think at times these messages are received with some measure of clarity, but I would like to add in your meditations this week that you call on me again, so that the depth and the understanding of that which has been said takes great significance and importance within all of you.

You are coming to a time in which you are becoming more self-realised. You are coming to a time in which there is an opportunity for greater enlightenment and an enlightened state. I participate in this given function and status, for it is with clarity that you can brush away whatever cobwebs remain and a clear and true vision of what is there comes forth.

I serve to assist each and every one of you. And as we who work from the levels of mastery are all simply those who extend the Creator’s love and will, it is our position to be able to do this, but it is primarily for each of you.

It is with great love that I speak to you tonight. Thank you.

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