RTTO YouTube Videos

We have joined the YouTube generation and have created (and will continue to create) YouTube videos to get the messages of the Masters out far and wide. These messages fall under three categories: (1) channelings published on the Weekly Events, (2) Heal Yourself ~ Heal the Earth channeled meditations by Aurora , and (3) Lois Hartwick’s Anchoring Light Meditation. Creating these videos has been a project of love for the Great I Am, Masters, Angels, and all Beings of light that so kindly give to us.

Oh, yes, and under the “Resources” tab (in the navigation bar) find the way to our Homage to the Divine Mother of the World video. Or just click  here  to enjoy and recharge with her energy.

Weekly Events Channeled Messages

1) Mother of the World Message to Her Daughters

2) Send Love and Light by St Germaine

3) Feminine Energies and Violet Flame by Lady Portia

4) Archangel Michael ~ Lion’s Gate Message

5) Lord Michael ~ God’s School House for Twin Flames

6) Father God ~ Choices and Forgiveness

7) Removing Emotional Pain ~ Archangel Gabriel

“Heal Yourself ~ Heal the Earth” Free Meditations by Aurora
1) Crystalline Energy to Your Chakras

2) Creator’s Energy for Chakras and Energy Bodies — Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Chamuel

3) Using Creator’s Energy to Clear Chakras and Energy Bodies

4) Bringing in Soul Fragments and Scattered Energies with Creator and Archangels Uriel and Michael

5) Clearing Chakras and the Platinum Ray with AA Uriel and AA Metatron

6) Creator’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd Root Race Clearing

7) Creator–Your Divine Blueprint for 2017

8) CREATOR Clearing of the Collective Consciousness Surrounding Us NOW

9) Love Your Body ~ Love the Earth with Archangels Chamuel and Charity

Anchoring Light Meditations by Lois Hartwick
1) Anchoring Light 1 – A World-service Meditation with Various Masters

2) Anchoring Light 2 – A World-service Meditation with Mother Mary