Divine Mother of the World Fire Ceremony

This video is of a fire ceremony, conducted and recorded by Aurora Lappin, and attended/witnessed by Shirley Mayes and Martha Lopez-Durkin. It was created to ground the energies of the Divine Mother of the World to our corner of the world.  Earlier, we were inspired to create an etheric temple for Her and this is, perhaps, the beginning. In order to do this, Master Musician  Fredrick Delarue  was commissioned to create the music especially for the purpose of assisting us to bring and share the energies of the Mother; it is the background music of this video. The Divine Mother, Masters, Angelic Beings and other Higher Beings continue to provide the amazing energy that we can now gratefully share with all our visitors.

We invite you to ~

  • Feel how the magical images and music bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into your being.
  • Open your heart and allow your heart to connect to the nurturing energy of the Mother.

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Thank you Divine Mother. We love you!