Divine Help

2016 Summer Schedule with Lois Hartwick, Part 2

DIVINE HELP ~ Exploring the Higher Realms and Those in Specific Service Thoth_1

Led by Master Thoth and Archangel Gabriel
channeled by Lois Hartwick
June 12 to August 21, 2016 – Every Sunday (minus one), 7:00 PM EST

As we evolve into greater aspects of ourselves during these times, we are often able to express ourselves inwardly through prayer or thoughts in a universal dynamic. At times these are directed to a higher power of some sort and varying names. Yet at the same time, there are universal helpers committed to assist humanity now. Many thousand of them. We know a few names on whom we might call for guidance and help. Some have certain beings of light enfolded within to assist their path.

While entering new times, those who guide us in their given roles or expertise will be of even greater assistance now. It will help you to direct thoughts or prayers to those most able to align your needs toward fruition. In this case, newer names that you might not be familiar with, including the roles they play, will be shared over the course of this series for many have come to the forefront very specifically for these times.

This series will be about understanding further the energies and support possible now by those of the light serving humanity at this time. Many of them will speak directly in this 10-part series ahead. Each week we will explore known and not-so-known emerging masters and angelic presences coming to the forefront during these times of transition. Obtaining contact with them is left up to you, but this is to provide greater direction for the specifics required or needed ahead.aa_gabriel

One class will address the seraphim, cherubim, angels, archangels, as well as the role of Nature and Pan in another, and how these realms are helping humanity now. This is an opportunity to realign and balance your life as you move through your given expansion in these times and to more accurately direct your questions and situations to those most able to support you.

Discussion will include your Higher Self and co-creative efforts with those you expand your co-
creative measures through this information as well as potential teams for specific situations, such as healing or altering your path to a newer direction.

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