2015-10-04 Issue

Published on October 4, 2015

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“The Time of the Heart” by Thoth through Lois Hartwick


Timepieces are endless affairs. They regulate your time in myriad ways eliminating the need to be more conscious of the moment. One can simply glance at a watch or clock. But in the higher reality, no one need do this, for here is the time of the heart which is what remains to be known on the higher planes.

The heart, as it were, is an essence which flows into your divine being, and it is measured not by time but intensity, longevity, commitment to expression and creativity. From that stems passion.

So you are not in a timepiece at all, but in an aspect of the movement where your are aligned in the greater aspect of divine flow. This is not regulated by time and therefore, you find life between these two realities difficult sometimes.

“How long will this take?” you might ask of one of the beings of light with whom you work or the guides aligned with you. They offer you a time frame to suit your mind’s inquiry, but in reality above, this has much more to do with the flow of being within that can be assessed on your plane within a time frame. For here, on some higher dimensions time is meaningless while flow is all.

Do you not feel and know this when engaged in some delightful aspect of preoccupation such as dance or painting, sewing or a more creative exercise? Meditation perhaps? Do you count the minutes or it is the flow of whatever that practice is that matters the most?

Herein lies the momentum you seek in your life. When looking for a life purpose or path, make sure you find the flow within it rather than the time it takes to get there.

Blessings All