2015-12-20 Issue

Published on December 20, 2015

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“Christ Energies Saturate the Earth” by Mother Mary through Shirley Mayes


Greetings Dear Children of Earth:

I have come to you today with the message to love one another, and to be kind and forgiving. Have compassion for less fortunate souls. This has always been my message, and it is the most important thing you can do at this time of change. We are now in the holy days and it is easier to hold this vibration of love than ever before. The longer humanity can hold this vibration allows for the potential for more to awaken and to begin there search for their true selves.

Positive thoughts and service to others is the highest path to follow and will help many to awaken to their highest potential. Humanity has created this reality and humanity must create the new one also—one soul at a time.

Enjoy the holy days and enjoy the love that surrounds you unconditionally. Breathe it in and breathe it out to all the others and to connect with this love.

Forgive each other and release your negative feelings this day. You are truly forgiving yourself. This is the beautiful time that the Christ energies saturate the Earth plane and every living thing on Earth feels this energy and finds comfort in it. Allow this Christed energy to fill your heart and bless you this day. We are here to assist you and comfort you in the angelic blanket of love that we are now surrounding you in. Just breathe this energy in and release it to the world.

We honor and respect your work on Planet Earth. We love you.

Peace and joy be with you in these most holy of days.

I AM Mother Mary

Channelled by Shirley Mayes 12/17/15