2015-12-06 Issue

Published on December 6, 2015

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“Focus on Love and Beautiful Thoughts” by Lady Amethyst through Shirley Mayes


Dear Ones of the Light:

These Holy Days are now upon you. Feel this Divine Light enfold you as I come closer to you and surround you with the violet light this day. Open your hearts to receive this divine violet light. Let it fill your bodies to overflow and to share this light with the world. Your world is in need of this light now.

Now is the time to only focus on love and beautiful thoughts. This is easy to do this time of year, and it gives the others the opportunity to tap into these beautiful energies of love and compassion.

See the beauty that surrounds you at all times; focus only on that. It is time to hold the light steady and to stay centered and grounded so that the Creator may work through you. Do not get pulled into the troubles of Earth. Hold steady and you will be fine.

We love you and honor the work that you do. God is with you and you are the ones he works through. Hold steady and be at peace.

I AM Lady Amethyst

Channelled by Shirley Mayes 11/26/15