2015-11-29 Issue

Published on November 29, 2015

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“Promoting Light on the Planet” by the Hosts On High through Lois Hartwick


To the Family of Light Encircling the World ~

Let us promote the mission of Light on the planet at this time, when the veils are thin and receptivity is the greatest for Light to permeate the heart and heart’s mission. Each year, there are those beings of Light you refer to as angels co-streaming energies of Light and support combined with love, to illuminate your world. At the same time, there is an essence one can bring solely into one’s being by asking for this Light to be maintained.

So firstly, the suggestion would be to light and burn a candle for yourselves, infusing you with such blessings most needed in your life. (You may name those things or not; as you wish). At that time give yourself 15 or 20 minutes of reflection and quiet time for induction of such energy into your being.

In the next several days, offer this time to another (1 hour burning a candle for a specific person or family). Each day of the month of December and until Jan. 6, you may participate extending greater Light and blessings therein to another. Whether you choose a refugee or your best friend or even a pet, it will not be up for judgment. What is important is to find ways to spread this light in greater measure each day by your own intention and desire.

Set a candle in place, and with your thoughts within or spoken aloud, request light infusions from the angelic realm for yourself to start and then each day thereafter, add a name or group. You can do so for this upcoming month until Jan. 6 when shifting of energies occurs and the lessening of receptivity begins to stream out. Allow this to be your seasonal gift of a higher measure this year, for it will benefit many. Use your heart to guide you.

Although our work in co-creative manner is little known, our assistance to those on Earth is. We continue in our ongoing path with efforts to inspire and renew the greater intention of your lives. We support the Creator and all which has been brought into this reality. We choose to find you in good spirits and times of love. This is our seasonal light gift to you.

The Hosts On High