2015-11-22 Issue

Published on November 22, 2015

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“Love Energy From Venus” by Lady Venus through Shirley Mayes


Greetings from Venus:

I am so very happy to speak to humanity at this time of your evaluation. As I merge with you this day, feel the love begin to surround you and permeate your energy fields. This is the energy of Venus, and I and my twin flame Sanat Kumara are here to saturate the earth plane.

Open your energy fields to receive these energies and ground them into the Mother so that others may be able to tap into this love vibration also.

I have come to Earth to help in the ascension of humanity and Earth at this time. Do not be distracted from the bigger picture this day. All is proceeding as planned and will come to pass in divine timing.

We have brought legions of light beings to assist humanity while the universe is watching this great transformation.

Be of good cheer and know deep in your hearts that it will come to pass. It has been decreed by the Great I AM, and it will be so.

We bless you this day and are here assist you. Call on us, dear ones. We honor you and admire your dedication to this cause.

Go in peace.

I AM Lady Venus

Channelled by Shirley Mayes 11/20/15