2015-11-15 Issue

Published on November 15, 2015

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“Healing Properties of the Nile” by the Goddess of the Nile through Shirley Mayes


Good evening, dear friends:

As I come forth, I bring the healing properties of the water to begin the healing of your bodies, all your bodies. The emotional body is quite damaged by the trauma of your world.

Bathe in these waters of healing and rejuvenation. Feel the peace and calmness begin to relax you as you surrender to me. Just let go and relax.

I AM the Goddess of the River Nile and we have been together before. You always came to my banks to restore yourself and to feel the peace of the river flow. Breathe in my essence as we bathe in the cool waters this day. Those days were filled with peace and harmony and they shall come to pass once more.

Lay down upon my banks, dear one; restore your health to the perfection it was created in. Feel the gentleness of the water and allow it to caress your feet gently.

Now as you begin to step into my waters once again, I will restore you and balance you gently … so gently. Now do you begin to remember me, sweet one?

Whenever you are in need of healing, go into meditation and call me forth and I shall come to you, and I will pour my healing waters over you once more.

You are so loved, my dear friend, and I am here to remind you of that beautiful love that is yours for the taking. Now go in peace this day.

I AM Goddess of the River Nile

Channelled by Shirley Mayes 11/10/15