2015-11-08 Issue

Published on November 8, 2015

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“The Hardest Challenges at the End of this Epic” by Divine Mother through Shirley Mayes


Greetings, my Divine Children:

As I come closer to you this day, I bring forth the pink ray of the Mother Flame to surround you and comfort you. Settle down now and breathe deeply of this beautiful pink essence that is being offered to you at this time. Feel the body calming down and settling in, to go deeper into the comfort and peace of the Mother.

You are my Divine Children and I love you dearly, each and everyone of you. You have had many challenges and actually saved the hardest for the end of this epic. I am here to heal your hearts and to comfort you with love and compassion. You will need to heal these hurts because you will not be able to carry these burdens with you.

Now sit back and relax. Your very own healing team will also administer to you this day. Open your hearts and ask for their help also. They are actually a part of you and this will help them heal also.

Let’s sit with this for a moment.


Now how do you feel?

Yes, better I see.

Let us wake up now and look around, what do you see? Think about what you would like to see around you this day. You are the creator of your life, you know. Use your imagination and think grand, dear ones. Be Grand!!

As you continue your creating, I will leave you to it, but I will return to see your progress.

I kiss you on the head and Bless you this day.

I AM Divine Mother

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 11/4/15