2015-10-25 Issue

Published on October 25, 2015

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“Be Assured and Comforted” by Divine Mother through Shirley Mayes


Greetings, my children:

I bring forth my love to surround you and fill you up again this day.

I assure you that it is true when you hear that many changes are happening on your world that you do not see or feel in the physical plane. But be assured and comforted by your Divine Mother that it is true.

Surrender your worries and concerns to me, as I merge with you and comfort you.

Merge with me this day, dear ones. I will administer to your wounds, your suffering, your pain, and your broken hearts.

You will be healed and rejuvenated this day. I am here to support you as much as you will allow.

You are truly doing a fine job of it, and if you will think back on the past few years, you will discover how far you have really evolved.

Stand up and stand in your power. You are powerful beings, and you have grown. Do not give up.

As you put one foot in front of the other, take my hand and I will carry you to the finish line. Come on, you can do it.

Many angels are with me and they will also care for you. You will be fine.

I bless each and everyone of you this day and will be with you until your ascension and beyond.

Many divine rose petals are falling on you; sit with them for a moment.

I AM Divine Mother

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 10/15/15

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