2015-10-18 Issue

Published on October 18, 2015

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“Send Light” by Metatron and Elijah through Lois Hartwick


Elijah and I have come together at this moment in time to speak to each one of you.

It is hard to contemplate that which is being accomplished in your world today, but you will begin to see many things coming to the surface. And when I say that, it is no different than what you are experiencing within your own physical bodies.

You may find there is some ache or pain, or perhaps some difficulty or pattern which has come to the surface very quickly, and you are seeking to overcome it.

But if you take a look at your world, you are going to see many things coming to the surface needing to be cleansed, needing to be healed, needing to be released.

Send Light.

Send Light to these places, to these people, to these situations. That is all that is needed at this moment. And each of you is capable of doing so without stopping your daily chores and lifestyle.

It is also for you to have compassion and to understand within what is occurring is a releasing of ancient beliefs and situations which are not functioning or working well any further.

People are clinging to these because they are part of a culture or part of their nature or part of a belief system, but it is something very often needing to shift into the next higher level, if not two or three.

Because of this, there is turmoil; because of this, there is a great deal of upheaval that can be occurring in one way or another. By the same token, you will see your measures of peace and Love, or efforts toward assisting the many who are needing help, for change to occur. There will be dramatic differences on both ends of the spectrum.

Send Light.

And remember that you are One with all that is occurring. But just as you seek within yourselves the betterment of Self, the higher frequency, the greater consciousness, the embracement of being and giving Love, that you seek that for all mankind.

Send Love.

Send Light.

Be compassionate and understanding. You do not need to judge the fact that this group is fighting with that group. It will never be fully understood because it is not only of this point, of this moment in time, but ancient realities so seeded in which need to come up and be released.

Send Light.

Be Love.

Know the compassionate heart.

We are with you. And we would also say our mission and our time is coming to fruition on your planet. From the Heavens will come great, great Light and energy to support each one of you who is supporting us.

You will become those who walk this Earth as we would, as we do in our hearts, but not necessarily in a physical body.

Accept this mission; accept this reality, for we are bonded and aligned with all of you. And there is nothing beyond this but Love.

I AM Metatron, with Elijah, and we extend our hearts to you and are present with you.

Call on us at any time or during this time of transition and we will support your very essence.

Be of good cheer and Love.

This is Metatron, with Elijah. Thank you

This channeling is excerpted from one of the “Star Orientations Using the Ankh” classes offered each week through Lois Hartwick.