2015-09-20 Issue

Published on September 20, 2015

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“I Bring Gifts” by Divine Mother through Shirley Mayes


Beautiful ones of Earth,

As I come forward this day, I bring gifts for all. Is that not what parents do when they have been away for awhile? I have missed you so very much and I plan on catching up with all of your adventures on the earth.

Let’s get comfortable and let’s open up our hearts to merge together in this moment.

Let us talk about things of the heart, things that have weighed heavy on your heart. I will lift that off your shoulders with love and light of the Mother.

I am surrounding you with my special pink light of love, the one that makes you feel so happy and secure. Let us feel and receive the joy and love of the Mother this day.

Now do you feel better? Let’s open one of your gifts, it was especially picked for you. Close your eyes and I will put it in your hand. It is wrapped in a very special way, can you feel it? When you are ready, open it! What did you receive?

Bless you, dear special one! You are loved and cherished by your Mother.

Be of good will and peace this day.

I AM Divine Mother

Channeled by Shirley Mayes, 09/10/2015