2015-09-13 Issue

Published on September 13, 2015

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“Receive the Divine Freedom Flame” by Goddess Liberty through Shirley Mayes



As I come into your awareness, I hold my torch high above my head which blazes forth the Divine Freedom Flame. Open yourself up to receive this freedom energy, allow it to fill you up so others might be able to tap into it also. This is your divine right to be free and happy.

You are the people that hold this vibration and frequency of the New Age, the New World. We all have worked so very hard and waited so long to see this New Golden Age come about, the rebirth of Gaia and the ascension of humanity.

Breathe this energy in and connect to the center of the Earth this day. Be in your receiving mode to receive these energies and anchor them into the largest crystal in the center of the Earth.

Breathe in these energies of freedom, peace, love and unity, and anchor them into your crystal that you are connected to.

Be centered and calm. Let’s join in celebration of this new world.

I AM Goddess Liberty

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 9/8/15

Picture credit: http://tsl.org/family/2014/08/the-flame-of-liberty/