2015-09-06 Issue

Published on September 6, 2015

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“Birthing a New World” by Gaia through Shirley Mayes


Hello, dear ones, most beloved humanity:

I am very happy to be asked to speak with you again, and to send out a message to all on Earth. This I am happy to do.

We have had some difficult times I know and will probably have more to come, but it will be worth it all. It is the same as giving birth to a child. You are in labor and discomfort for a long time and then when it’s all over, you are so happy to be with your beautiful baby. It is all worth it in that one moment, right?

This is how it is when birthing a new world, there are difficult times, but time will fly by and you will be living in a world of beauty, love and abundance. You have forgotten this way, dear ones. You will be so happy and will have everything you desire. The old ways will be forgotten and many new adventures await you. You will be filled with love and light constantly, and all this will have been worth it all.

I wanted to uplift you today and to reassure you once again. Love each other and have patience. All is in divine order, you see. You will continue on in a higher way of life. Be at peace and just walk forward in faith, dear ones.

I AM Gaia

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 8/22/2015

Picture credit: http://www.esprit-de-la-nature.fr/geobiologie/accouchement-naissance-monde-t2419.html