12 Divine Rays of God

Why learn about the Rays

Learning about the 12 Rays is truly a journey into the light. Each is a Ray of light and hope that gives you new levels of comfort and understanding. Each Ray will help you to safely navigate the many changes in our outer and inner worlds. The Rays affect us in very positive ways on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Subscribe to our  Weekly Events  to get information about future events and live classes or workshops.

All of our attunements are in the form of classes and are based on the work of the Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl as channeled by Alice Bailey, Janet McClure,  Terri Newlon ,  Katherine Wright Desai , our own  Shirley Mayes  and others. The attunements are presented under the supervision and guidance of the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and facilitated by Jenifer McKenzie, Shirley Mayes and Martha Lopez-Durkin.

Each attunement focuses on one Ray for a whole month and include teachings about the Ray, meditations on the Ray, and discussions on the Ray. Downloadable MP3 recordings of the attunements are available from our  Products  page. Please check out our  12-Ray Album  to learn more about individual Rays.

Each attunement or class is between 1 and 1.5 hours long.  There are 12 attunements.

A Message from Djwhal Khul

Djwhal Khul here Tashi Delek,
I am very pleased with the Ray Classes that are being presented in this new format. This is a leading edge attunement and anchoring of all the Rays of Creation. We have just begun. The next series of classes will be even more powerful than the first series and more information will come forward in a higher vibration calibration. Mother Earth is receiving these high vibration frequencies of the Creator’s light with much love and gratitude. The anchoring of these higher rays is instrumental in the raising of the vibration of humanity and Mother Earth, which in turn will be instrumental in the ascension of the planet.
If you would like to attune to the rays of creation and at the same time aid in the ascension of the planet, please take part in these classes. It will not only benefit you but all living things. Thank you and my love to you.”Message received by Shirley Mayes 11/7/09
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What People Say About the Ray Classes  

“I am Catherine Julian Dove Channel for the Christ Matrix. I cannot say enough about the high level of work being done by Martha, Shirley and Jenifer on the 12 Ray classes. In a number of readings I have done for people, the Ascended Masters have suggested that the student take these classes and learn to hold the positive polarity of these rays. During the first series, I often joined the class and channeled the Ascended Masters. Whether I am there or not, I assure you that the Ascended Masters are present. Returning to the Oneness was once the Christ Matrix Academy but because I was asked to write books the Ascended Masters turned the school over to Martha and for legal reasons the name was changed. But the full intent of Christ, Buddha, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Djwhal Khul and many others is to fully support the school.”

–C. J. Dove, Hurst, TX.

“The Ray classes offered by Jennifer, Martha, and Shirley are a very powerful, energetic way to raise your vibration. This energy blends very well with the new energies present on the Earth for your own, as well as planetary, advancement. Each leader participates in a guided meditation. I have found these meditations to range from intensely energetic to deeply peaceful and everywhere in between. It is a delight to attend these classes as each leader contributes their own individual experience and the blended energy is far greater than the sum of the three. I encourage you to participate in this special experience.”

–Rev. A. Matheaus, San Antonio, TX  

“Any time I feel overwhelmed or confused, I call in the 5th Ray Orange-it gives me clarity. When I am anxious or upset, I call in the 4th Ray of Harmony. I feel the green coming down into my energy field and I feel the harmony flowing down – it’s wonderful. The Rays are wonderful new and exciting tools.”

–S. M., Dallas, TX

“The biggest and most immediate benefit I felt from using the 12 Rays was very deep nourishment to all of my bodies. Getting my physical body to accept nourishment has been a life-long struggle. Somehow the Rays made adjustments to all of my bodies and the result was my physical body began to feel better and better. I use the Rays everyday in many different ways to improve my experience and uplift my consciousness.” –

J. M., Garland, TX