Aurora Nancy Renee

Aurora Nancy Renee

Aurora Nancy Renee has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Houston and worked for over 20 years in the chemical industry before studying and becoming certified in Shamanism and Body Energy Medicine.

When asked how she got into Shamanism and energy healing, Aurora says that a shaman with great energy body healing skills was recommended to her for grief relief after the sudden and tragic death of her husband. Aurora could not believe the enormous relief of grief and pain from just one session with her. The sudden death and subsequent shaman work awakened her to who she really is and her true life calling.

Aurora studied for one year under this accomplished Master Shaman energy medicine practitioner located in California who had 20+ years of experience. During that time the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, and Angelic kingdom all worked, guided and trained her, and still do! She went on to receive training and certifications through Healing Touch Program ( ) and now offers her healing services to humanity. She also offers shaman training for those with serious, genuine interest in serving humanity. Her experience with the Ascended Masters, Galactic Beings of Light and also the Angelic and Nature Kingdom is extensive which makes shaman training with her very, very unique.

Aurora lives and also has a therapy office in Kingwood, TX, which is a suburb of Houston. She offers unique remote energy body work sessions through appointment. Contact her for an appointment by phone or texting 281-923-9388, or send email to:


Also, please note that Aurora offers a number of distance services including readings, energy healings and location clearings. Click  here  to view a description of these services.

Read more about Aurora’s work at:  Universal Life Energy Therapies