2015-08-16 Issue

Published on August 16, 2015

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“We Are Making Progress” by Mother Gaia through Shirley Mayes

mother-earth My children,


I am happy to speak with you this day and to connect heart to heart with you.

Some of you have been with me for eons and others have come to help me in my ascension and to restore me to my Divine Perfection once again. I thank all of you for your love and compassion.

I wish to report that we are making progress in ways that you cannot see, but I assure you it is true.

I feel your love for me and I send my love back to you. You are such sweet children, and even though most are unaware that I am a loving entity, I surround you with my love even more to help awaken you.

To those of you that know me, we must press on. I was once so magnificent and I will be again with your help. The Creator has decreed it to be and it is so.

Continue to pray for me and each other. Love each other for you and I are truly one. We will make this transition and we will flourish once again.

Feel my love coming up your feet and filling you up to overflowing, and know that you are part of something very large and beautiful.

We are the jewel of this universe, dear ones. We are special, and we will succeed.

Go in peace and be happy my children.

I AM Gaia

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 7/30/15

Learn more about Shirley at http://returningtotheoneness.com/?page_id=38.