2015-08-23 Issue

Published on August 23, 2015

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“A Gift from Creator” by Archangel Amethyst through Shirley Mayes

Violet-Flame3 Greetings to all on Earth:

We come in and surround you in sparkling violet, shimmering lights. Feel this beautiful energy as it swirls around you, as it lifts you up.

This is a very special flame energy that is not felt on Earth at this time. This is a special gift from the Creator. Bathe in this shimmering light for a few moments …. Aah!! … Yes!!

The Creator sends you this very special violet light to help lift you out of the lower chaotic vibration of Earth School. You will now begin to feel the beauty of the higher planes and feel the magnificent unconditional love and the Oneness of it all.

You are so special, dear humanity, and you are so admired for all your lessons and how you still find your way back to the light.

The higher planes are full of amazing things and you shall come home in due course, you see, and you will be celebrated as a true Masters that you truly are. Your aura shimmers with colors that show your experiences and your mastery on Earth. You will, each one, be honored for your bravery.

Many will seek your counsel; they will seek you out to prepare themselves for their journey through Earth School. You will be happy to oblige them, you are honored to be of service in this way.

Continue to bathe in the shimmering violet lights, dear ones. We await your return one day. We love you and honor all that you do in service to the Creator.

I AM AA Amethyst

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 8/1/15

Learn more about Shirley at http://returningtotheoneness.com/?page_id=38.