2015-08-09 Issue

Published on August 9, 2015

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“Receive the Divine Mother’s Love” by Divine Mother through Shirley Mayes

pink-petalsBeloved Children of Earth:

I come forth with a blanket of soft luminous pink love to wrap you in as I comfort you this day. Release the fear that has permeated your aura and open to receive the Divine Mother’s love and light.

Fill yourselves up, dear children, and let it flow over into Earth and all living things. Anchor once again more of this feminine energy and as you do this, state the attributes of this powerful energy.

Call on the Goddess energy, as it brings forth beauty, peace and compassion. More Goddess energies come forward bringing their attributes of mercy, grace and purity. The Goddess of truth, wisdom and liberty also come forth to anchor their attributes down into Mother Earth.

Know that we take our power back and blend our energies with the Divine Male to balance out these energies that have gone rampant and caused so much pain and suffering.

We have been sent forth once again to bring up peace to this planet, to see her beauty restored to her original perfection. We now stand tall and proclaim our power to activate our healing energies. We are here to restore the planet to her rightful place in the cosmos. We are here but we are truly one. We are here to deliver the Divine Plan and to nurture it as it begins its unfolding.

Feel the pink rose petals as they begin to fall from above with such a beautiful scent.

I love you truly, dear children.

Forever and ever. Amen.

I AM Divine Mother

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 7/25/15

Learn more about Shirley at http://returningtotheoneness.com/?page_id=38.