2015-08-02 Issue

Published on August 2, 2015

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“Inviting Larger Aspects of Self” by Enoch through Lois Hartwick

spiritual_awakeningYou are in a time of discovery on your planet, because you are opening your hearts and minds to the greater aspects of who and what you are. Lifetimes ago begin to flood into your consciousness – if not in perfect clarity – perhaps through circumstance in which you are questioning, “Why am I going through this?” or “Why is this happening to me now?

These sort of questions leave you in a more open state, let’s say, inviting in the larger aspects of self which have been pretty veiled off in this lifetime. Those veils were indicative of many of the lifetimes you have had on planet Earth, and so there is the sense most of you have that this is ‘it’. The one life you get to live.

I beg to differ, and as some of the situations come forth, take the time to invite in the answers. One of the larger questions which comes to bear is the subject of relationships because they often reflect the past in some measure of repetition. You do not see this until you hit a quirk or roadblock or interruption of some sort that sets you back to question what is going on. And when you do, there is an opportunity, not only to have some greater measure of understanding, but to ‘reform’ a piece of yourself which has been veiled in some regard. By melding some aspect like this into your consciousness, you are increasing self-awareness and moving toward a much larger potential of light once more.

I also would like to speak for a moment about light in this regard. Too often there is a concept thrown out about light that makes one believe they must generate this in specific ways, not fully understanding it is the essential source of oneself. Expressing or being more of light during these times has a great deal to do with opening the doorways to the self which has been veiled and letting go of some of the memories or situations attached to it.

Now we are coming into times in which there will be greater and greater efforts made toward you as individuals to carry a higher quotient of light through the assistance of your guides and angels, but also, your I Am Presence. So when you are encountering some unknown quality to your conscious mind, know and understand you are being given an opportunity to not only reveal something to yourself – a piece that was not necessarily one intended for this incarnation – and to find within that you are letting go and moving into a much great spectrum of your being.

These situations are sometimes occurring in relationships you are letting go of, and wondering why after all this time you and your best friend are no longer speaking the same language. Or a family member seems to be at odds with you time and again. Or some other consideration does not seem to be fully clear as to why it appears again and again when previously seemed fine. These represent for you some aspect of self beginning an integration process. The same may be true for the other who is responding in some newer fashion as well. Not always will all the dynamics of this be fully understood, but there is an opportunity within to move into your own greater light. And this has long been intended.

For those of you who have done many of the classes with myself, Thoth, Metatron, Elijah and others, you know that we are working toward the embracement of your greater light, through ancient practices and awareness. Yet at the same time, by doing so, you are calling in expansion of self. Do not worry that you have aroused some unknown part of self, but allow for this expansion to exist, to be known, and to embrace the greater reality you are in. More and more expansion will bring to you the truth of your being, reflected by many of us who are with you along the way.

This is a time for expansion, for truth, and for love and compassion to exist for yourself in the most direct and meaningful way. Do not disregard any of it. Allow for light to prevail and your hearts to open and love of self to grow. Honor your light. This is what you came here to do, and when you are sometimes bending backwards to find answers, you lose the concept of your grace. Simply allow it.

This is Enoch.

I Am That Which You Are

Channeled through Lois Hartwick

Visit Lois’ website at http://www.expressionsoflight.com/.

Graphic from http://fractalenlightenment.com/18485/spirituality/eight-signs-you-may-be-experiencing-a-spiritual-awakening