2015-07-26 Issue

Published on July 26, 2015

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“Give Me Your Burdens” by Divine Mother through Shirley Mayes

divinemother Greetings to All on Earth:

I AM Divine Mother coming forward to fill you with my energies of love, compassion and peace. I have been known by many names such as Isis, Sophia, Mother Mary, and Quan-Yin and so on. You know me; we have merged many times; you are me and I am you–all one, just different expressions of the feminine energy. Only this energy coming forward will bring peace and calmness to such a hostile planet. Of course, all of this is divinely planned and it is as it should be.

Open yourselves up to receive this energy of the Mother, dear children. Rest in the freedom of Divine Perfection as the energies in your vessels are balanced and loved back to their original perfection. Now breathe these energies down into your body, through the chakras, and then out your feet into the Earth.

Now feel the Earth receiving these energies and love that are pouring forth to balance the Earth’s energies. Now anchor these energies even more securely and firmly. She is also beginning to heal and rejuvenate back to the original perfection she was created from.

I come forward this day to bless each one of you and to remove, with love, your burdens. Hold out your hands and give me your burdens. I am happy to place them on the Altar of Love to be dissolved. Feel your freedom as these burdens are released to me.

Where your burdens were released, I will fill with love from the Divine Mother energies. You will now feel more alive than ever before.

Go in peace this day. I have spoken these truths.

I AM Divine Mother