2015-07-19 Issue

Published on July 5, 2015

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“Bringing Forward Your Remembrance” by Serapis Bey through Shirley Mayes

luxor_temple2 Greetings to all on Earth:

It is such a pleasure to speak with you this day. It is now the divine time to come forward and to help bring to your remembrance, your abilities of long ago when we walked the Earth together. Also to help you remember how we vowed to bring forth your abilities and divine gifts to merge together as one humanity. To bring forth peace and harmony to this once beautiful planet. To bring forth once again the Mother Flame, the white fire flame, the Ascension Flame.

It is the Divine Will of our Creator to end this epic of the earth experience and to bring forth the ascension flame for all that choose it.

I have a very special place, a temple in Egypt, you have been there many times, it is called the Ascension Temple of Luxor, and I am guardian of the Mother Flame. You may ask to visit this temple at night during your sleep, ask for Serapis Bey to guide you to the ascension chair in the Temple. I will be happy to send my angles to escort you there. It will help with the recalibration of your cells as it raises your vibration to higher levels.

Come and visit me and ask your I AM Presence to help you remember your expertise in ascension.

You have done it many times in the past and other worlds. Ask for my assistance at this most divine time in our evolution of this universe.

You will begin this remembrance and it all starts here with this small but elegant and regal planet.

May God bless you and all your gifts of love to each other.

Until we speak again,

I AM Serapis Bey

Channeled by Shirley Mayes 7/7/15

Affirmation: “Beloved Ascended Master Serapis Bey, in the name of the Christ, give me the discipline and the training I need on the path of ascension.”

Photo of Luxor Temple by Russell Chang