2015-07-05 Issue

Published on July 5, 2015

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“The Light of God, Part 2” by Mother Mary through Christy Lawson


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You are living creators, creating your whole lives in a way that you were taught was proper and right; however, when you create from the belief of being less than, you create without the heart. You must create with love and compassion for God only creates with love and compassion. Teach these things to your children. Teach these things to humanity to restore the true divineness to the planet.

The galaxies that are modeled after you are receiving this knowledge and will be implementing the same tasks as we watch your development. The great experiment of love is the key to surrendering to the Light. Have faith that this restores hope for all as this welcomes the Beings from afar who want to come and witness this great event. The great tidal wave of love enveloping her majesty as she comes to life to represent new beginnings and honoring thy Creator and eternal Source. She is beautiful and she is alive as a true testament and witness.

Source plans to bring Light to all situations and all fallen realms that need lifting. You are that realm and your situations are changing as you grow. The planet cannot fail. It can only move forward as it allows consciousness to expand and unfold.

Love more than you ever have and share with humanity how this love is changing your life. Be a true inspiration for those around you and help them feel even the tiniest amount of joy, hope, love, and faith. These are the words to live by, a true belief system instead of the falsehood of lower vibration. Incorporate these words into your vocabulary. People are listening even when you assume they aren’t. One little deed or one little word of encouragement can change the entire thought pattern that one may see in situations. Create with these words of Light and create with the love you hold in the essence of your soul. God pours this love into your heart and it is a feeling that you can surrender to.

You can change any outcome by perception of love in your consciousness. This kind of perception changes patterns and belief systems and breaks down walls. You see, walls are only useful in dwellings. These walls are not useful in the heart. The heart is free and should allow movement of Light to fill the space. We do not intend for you to block God’s Light by creating walls around painful experiences of the heart. We intend for you to change your perception and to actively use the terms of Light to create a passageway to and from the soul. Shift your consciousness to God’s Light and the darkness dissipates as it should. We know that creating new perception requires practice as denseness is what you know.

Precious Beings, we so lovingly assist you with these changes and assure you that nobody does this alone. Your happiness is Light and that is what we want to see. We want you to light up the planet. Just as you see twinkles in the sky, we see twinkles for each one of you who lift the heaviness of your heart and open it to divineness. You light the world for a better tomorrow and a better future for Mother Earth.

We leave you with this great message from God. Light up your heart for the world to see. Light up your heart with divinity. Christed Beings of Light, we hold you in great honor and respect. We give you our undivided attention to be yourself and to educate those around you. We see your Light and remain by your side. All is love and love is all.

Holding the Light of God for you today.


Mother Mary

Channeled by Christy Lawson (April 2015) of the  I Am Meditation and Curriculum . Read more about Christy by going to her  webpage  at the RTTO.

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