2015-05-24 Issue

Published on May 24, 2015

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“Creating Your Reality” by Master Kuthumi through Christy Lawson

Kuthumi3Welcome Masters and Teachers,

Source grants this knowledge today as we come together with you to create honor and wisdom. We wish to inspire you to continue your path of discovery as you evolve into the eternal visions of love and compassion that you truly are. We are guiding you along your path of discovery as the process of creating that you are accustomed to has changed and therefore, new revelations will be revealed to you.

Enlightened Beings, we have prepared a wealth of knowledge for you around your gifts and abilities at this time. We wish you to know that everyone has the ability to foresee events lining up for them. Everyone has the ability to see the possibilities and outcomes regardless of whether these outcomes are perceived in duality and polarity or not. Your perception of the different outcomes is justified by you based on your knowledge and beliefs of right or wrong.

We convey to you the fact that any outcome you desire can be envisioned and created within the heart. To create a true vision for your experience of reality, envision your desired outcome and wrap it in love and Light. Love and Light generate positivity and fluidity in the arrangement and flow of the energetics you project into consciousness and the Universe.

When we create, we also stay in these higher frequencies of Light to help us maintain this positive flow. As we speak to you of our creations, we want you to know that there is no difference in how we create using the love and Light. You are just as powerful and as teachers, we give you this wisdom to dispel any incoherent thoughts you may have around creating masterships. Your Light guides you to higher states of consciousness where, as you believe in your heart, you become one with Source.

This is how you develop conscious awareness and bring that into creation. Believing in the All That Is secures your heart and fulfills your soul in pure comfort. We reside there with you as well and create with you as you learn and grow.

We all need to know how Light carries thoughts to the Universe and returns beliefs/experiences into our realities. Know that you have the true abilities as a creator to manifest your desired outcome with thought. You see, you merely have a thought about something and it is created as Light passes through the idea and into the atmosphere. Light particles surround those thoughts and return them to you as experiences. The Light travels exponentially through the cosmos bringing information to Source. This same Light is then bounced back into reality and into consciousness creating your life experience. Your actions will carry you through your darkness, but having this knowledge allows for more heart-centered experiences.

Light travels at warp speed and cannot be measured, at least not in the interpretation you know. Frequencies of Light are created as atoms of photon rays experience a sudden burst in energy. The Light frequencies then travel many galaxies to reach your existence. We compare this to a turbine blowing tornadic force winds or a jet propelled through the sky. These are measurements you are aware of, but only Light can travel at a speed that cannot be measured.

You experience great Light when you open yourself to be in full alignment with Source and freely accept these frequencies, the same frequencies from which you were created. These frequencies fill your soul and therefore, your abilities are that of Source. You elevate and magnify your frequencies by developing practices of acceptance, love, gratitude and honor.

This wisdom and expansion in knowledge allows you to consciously create with the frequencies of love and Light. Your gifts are abundant and available for you to share with humanity. Your visionary approach will help you make adjustments in the many aspects of your creations. Now that you realize how easy it is to be a master creator with the ability to manifest in perfection, you can produce many, many positive experiences for yourself and the planet.

We guide you to step into your full abilities to create as there are so many opportunities coming your way to create harmoniously with Light. Make the most of this knowledge and live from the heart.

Blessings, dear ones.


Channeled by Christy Lawson (May 2015) of the   www.iamlightmeditation.com . Read more about Christy by going to her webpage.

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