2015-05-10 Issue

Published on May 10, 2015

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“Reach to the Heavens for Love and Inspirations” by Lady Master Quan Yin through Deonna Phillips


I am Quan Yin here to embrace you with much love and compassion. We know not all are feeling as good as you had hoped. The changes to this part of the galaxy and especially Earth are definitely monumental. Many had hoped that the ascension would have occurred by now and some of you are growing weary. Please hold on and stay in faith that all is in perfect Divine order and the best is yet to come.

If you could see your world as we do, you would be cheering with joy at the many milestones humankind is reaching. You have many beings who are so proud of all of you. You have free will and as such many different timelines are possible.

We ask you to concentrate on your own journey one day at a time. Reach to the heavens for love and inspiration and be kind to yourselves. Treat yourselves and everyone else as if you were dealing with a little hurt child, for in most cases that is truly who you are dealing with. Love that child, love your sadness, love your fear, embrace your sadness, allow all emotion to be expressed and comforted and you will come out with a clearer heart that can then be lifted and filled with love.

You have my blessing,

Lady Master Quan Yin

Channeled by Deonna Phillips, May 2015