2015-06-28 Issue

Published on June 28, 2015

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“The Light of God, Part 1” by Mother Mary through Christy Lawson


Despite all the things that have occurred in your life, you are told to persevere and be free from all things that weigh on you. You have to grasp the concept of living life through the experiences of others and then release what does not serve your highest purpose or outcome. You are free when you release yourself from boundaries put on you by improper belief systems and impressions from those around you claiming to instill in you the Light of God.

The true Light of God enters the heart and opens passageways to the soul to fulfill divineness and oneness which is created through mastering development of soul character. Just like we tell you to follow your heart and bliss, this divinity is imprinted into all DNA. You recognize this DNA as passion that strikes the fire within and expands into all areas of your life.

Divineness or divinity is the duality of inferiority. You must see the wholeness of yourself to fully divulge the divinity of yourself into conscious awareness. Below this mechanism of realization, is a belief system that holds us back from self truth and actualization. We believe that we are not worthy of our divinity or that it truly belongs somewhere else. Not realizing where we were created from leads us to believe false identities of ourselves.

It takes great courage to step out of the box and into your divinity. We want you to claim it. Claim it for yourself but also claim it for the collective. You see, the more we can claim ourselves, the more we can claim the planet. Activate this message for the planet and step into the full Light of God and know that you are one with God.

Earth is manifesting itself into 5th dimension. We are allowing oneness to succeed and to penetrate the very depths of darkness that still hold this planet back. We are learning a great deal from the sacrifices that have happened to the planet and use this knowledge to benefit many more galaxies.

You hold the imprint of love for the planet and we must manifest a true revolution to release the denseness of patterns and beliefs still holding humanity from knowing divineness. Divineness is God’s true Living Light aspect of yourself, so merge with this knowledge and align yourself with the vast relationship with the all-knowing and mighty Creator.

(To be continued next week)

Channeled by Christy Lawson (April 2015) of the  I Am Meditation and Curriculum . Read more about Christy by going to her  webpage  at the RTTO.

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