2015-06-21 Issue

Published on June 21, 2015

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“OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” by Metatron through Lois Hartwick

Beloveds. Have you understood the many messages and terms which have come to earth from various sources? Do you read the vibration or the actual word itself? Now is a time to spend looking at some of what is coming through, for it may have an important meaning to you. There are times when words such as this may be of importance in prayer or acknowledgment on another continent or country far away from yours, yet hold within it special vibration to uplift your soul.

The time is here to pay attention to things which will be coming forth for which you have no direct understanding, yet will resonate to the sound. At times parts of the words are used in another context, so that the entire vibrational frequency, which was originally intended, is not shared or displayed.

In your own lives there are changes of such vibrations that allow for you to enter into a much more expanded self. Now you will awaken further, often from sounds which come to you as opposed to a spiritual teacher or internet courses. None of these are dismissed in favor of the other, but it is a time of hearing that energetic channels in your body, akin somewhat to meridians, will begin to take in new harmonies to enhance your growth at this time. In some cases, you find this with sounds of music at specific pitched tones as well.

As you become more ‘alive’ in this context, another level of awakening occurs as well. It will provide for you a sense of well-being and greater trust. While establishing such an overall position within your being, you will begin to find a way to allow for a transition of sorts in newer and higher expression of self. This will occur simultaneously with certain shifts taking place on earth, as the Solstice appears this year.Every Solstice has a frequency as well as light quotient and significance interpreted over the years. In this case, it will be well to understand that the light-giving/sharing properties introduce a new frequency of sound combined within the light. As it (light) slowly lessens on planet earth for half of this planet due to rotation, it will combine with frequency which emerges from this momentum. In it, you will find the uplift you have needed, despite some of the changes around you.

Such frequencies may come in new ways or you harbor them in old, familiar songs, and so forth. But they will begin to instill in you a greater amount of vibration which will attract that of like from the Universe. Within this connection there is much to be shared, known and received. Be aware now of the sounds and vibrations of words and the opening to the Divine. Using Om Namah Shivaya as your mantra begins to open these doors.

This is Metatron with love infused in your life.

Channeled by Lois Harwick, June 2015

Enjoy the mantra below courtesy of YouTube; if it doesn’t show up, click here.