2015-06-07 Issue

Published on June 7, 2015

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“Mastership of the Soul” by Master Kuthumi through Christy Lawson


Ancient wisdom is released to you this day and guidance given to you to regarding the duality of Earth. The purpose of this guidance is to allow free will to take place. If you incapacitate yourselves with fear, you will never realize your true strength and freedom. Freedom is the destiny of the heart and is found on the other side of fear. Allow yourself the freedom and the knowing that all things are created through the mastership of the soul.

Mastership honors God and allows the growth and expansion of Universal knowledge through the hemispheres of the galaxies. There is, in fact, Universal consciousness that far exceeds that of planet Earth. Universal consciousness streams through the Universe and into the all-knowing God. However, life on Earth dispels theories of Universal consciousness because we are taught to abide by human laws.

The concept that we create by our thoughts and beliefs is not familiar to this planet. In fact, there are many rules and stipulations governing human creation on Earth. They are laws one abides by to submit their consciousness to the legalities of creation. You are living in these confines and boundaries as control is used to populate the mind.

This is not so with Universal conscious creation. Creating with Universal consciousness is very vast and used in every aspect of living. The skies are open for you and your unlimited abilities are now being activated once again. The truth of God unfolds as you raise the awareness of the planet and turn toward your unlimited powers of creation.

Brethren, we are masters together in Christ and our true abilities are limited only through the capacities of our minds. The mind is a hostile place for many because so few realize that they can shift into consciousness using their higher mind. We create in mastership by the true dynamics of our knowing. Activation begins with awareness and you can now easily move into awareness and change all aspects of how you create.

Mastery is a true knowing of creation from the soul as the possibilities are endless and you will find limitless freedom to create. Create all that is good. Create with the knowing that God created Himself in you. How would God create? This is the question to ask yourself. Live from your heart and do all things through the wisdom of your soul. This is the true heart of creation and how you create masterpieces of love and Light.

Revere yourselves as true Gods of wisdom and Light and know that wrong is never an aspect of the soul. To successfully shift into mastership consciousness, be creators of Light and use your wisdom to create what is needed for the planet. You can accomplish this in all you do and in all you think as your thoughts power your creations. Like a broken dam, conscious awareness breaches all that is dark. Humanity can only be held back for so long before the dam breaks and releases Universal knowledge to all.

Levels of Light are increasing and the physical body is experiencing an uptake of energetics. Allow yourself to move into these frequencies of Light to raise and remove the debris, the lower vibrations of the planet. We need to elevate these clearing vibrations as they come up for humanity. Don’t allow yourselves to fall into despair for others as it is their individual clearing process and their mastership of allowing.

Cosmic Christed Beings are present and in full alignment with you and with the planet. We bring you awareness and truth. Just allow yourself the freedom, dear ones, to create a mastership with God.

Love, honor, and wisdom always.


Channeled by Christy Lawson (May 2015) of the  I Am Meditation and Curriculum . Read more about Christy by going to her  webpage .

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