2015-05-03 Issue

Published on May 3, 2015

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“You Stand Between the Past and the Future” by Esau through Lois Hartwick


My name is Esau. I work with light and have come forth tonight because there are divisions occurring on your plane which do not hold enough light, and therefore, struggle occurs. You are seeing this everywhere. You see people at cross-purposes, but lately there is much more struggle than has been brought into one’s awareness. It is because there are varying degrees of light, or perhaps, I can say, lack of it. Now there will be some confrontations in your country with the political elections or disruptions which ensue in varying ways and degrees. For most of you this will be of no interest, but I would suggest that each mention of such disturbance, you place in your mind the thought that light be sent to this division.

Each country has its own karma and situations to work through. Some of this karma can be quite old and a carryover from another time, but in other cases, can be much newer, such as a war which was engaged in the past 50 or 100 years. This type of thing is affecting your country (and others) as more light is developed in certain areas. At the same time, there is a recognition by Gaia that some of the ancient times are coming into the foreground once again as well to be resolved. Those of other incarnations are finding this on a personal level, as some of the personal level is being triggered by ancient energies rising to the forefront once again.

Old concepts and ideas, many of which you are embracing in remembrance and in activation of how it once was, may find that a new time is dawning. You stand between the past and the future, deciding which way to go. The past is remembered; the future not quite seen or explored beyond a void. The more you can release that which has been carried from the times of Atlantis and beyond, the easier it will be to refashion times ahead. A Golden Age as you call it. It is developed with the newness and readiness each of you unfolds.

Karma is being dealt with on your planet and in your specific country; however, it has many years yet to revitalize itself to a higher note. Those of you who work with light can aid this process both in discovery and speed in spreading light, clearing what is sticky and hard to move away.

Allow for us to assist you in the process! That is the key: Requesting our presence as you request the light. We will begin to restore much greater harmony than has been for quite some time. May all journeys be blessed.


Channeled Lois Hartwick

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