2015-04-26 Issue

Published on April 26, 2015

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“Creating Love and Light for the Planet” (Part 2 of 2) by Master Kuthumi through Christy Lawson


We continue to engage you more and more as we feel the advancements of this planet are producing the need for more interaction. We are free to help you as we are needed. We support your desire to create Love and Light for humanity. We become a sign post to signify the diligence of work progressing at this time. A pillar of Light resides in each one of you and is a direct connection to Source. We greatly appreciate your openness to humanity as we co-create through you.

There seems to be quite an adjustment period for new beings coming in. Be patient with them as they figure out their path. A framework is needed to establish the Light of the heart around love. Breathe with them and help them feel the presence of God. Some of them are not aware of their true self/Divinity. These people need guidance and love to increase their consciousness, so be in tune with their needs and their process.

Praying each day opens the doors of communication and that is an important first step. Communicate with God in a way that fills the soul. This is needed to fast track the experience of consciousness. Move forward from this and bless those around you with Living Light. Remember, to be in 5th dimension to progress the planet along and to increase the Light.

We are so grateful for those taking the steps to help progress this planet into evolutionary consciousness. We want you to know that you are fully supported. We live with you and go with you as you make way for Light and Love.

Pray with me as we end this transmission.

Dear Father, breathe life into this planet as we work together to create the force field of love. Give us the tools we need to work progressively towards our evolution. We hear you dear Father, speaking to us and guiding us into the Light. We wish to heal this planet and to create balance and awareness. We are open and ready to proceed with your guidance.

Father, we praise your holy name with

Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth.
Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth.
Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth.
Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.

Master Kuthumi


Channeled by Christy Lawson of the  I Am Meditation and Curriculum . Published by Permission.