2015-04-19 Edition

Published on April 19, 2015

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“Creating Love and Light for the Planet” (Part 1 of 2) by Master Kuthumi through Christy Lawson


Greetings, it is I, Kuthumi. Bestowed upon you this evening is a Holy Crucible of Light.

We want to communicate about some patterns of the Earth that are clearing at this time. Be with us as we define the feelings associated with this clearing. You begin to notice aches and pains as elevated consciousness occurs. You begin to detox the body, experience lethargy, headaches as well as dizziness and sleep disturbances.

We are with you as this clearing proceeds. We want you to know that your body is trying to keep up and accommodate these higher frequencies of Light. You will continue to experience these symptoms as you are in a process of awakening and ascension. This, of course, will take some time to get used to. Breathe yourself into 5th dimension to keep yourself into complete cycles of clearing. We bring knowledge and Light to this message to help guide you along your path of enlightenment.

Brothers and sisters, you need to be functioning in 5th dimension at all times. You collectively need to become aware of the possibilities created from that dimension. Teach each other to maintain this influx of Light as we prepare the planet for evolution. It will take help from the masses to push this planet to the next level.

We are working with so many Beings at this time to bring this planet into stability. Confirmation comes in the form of numbers you are seeing. We need you to pay attention to the presence of the many Beings helping to create this evolutionary flow of life. Your Creator has given tools to this planet to make these adjustments so the collective can benefit. You will use these tools in your process to create a crucible for change and deliverance of love like no other.

We are helping you reach as many people on the planet as possible to accommodate this shift with ease. Your Light grows brighter as you progress and with every deed of love and every thought of love. We believe that as we work together, the fallen belief systems that have been present for so long will burn out and then we can rejoice in the presence of our Divine nature. This seems like a feat that will take many years, but actually this process is moving very rapidly. 

Message to be continued next week


Father/Teacher congratulates you on your journey and wishes to speak to you as his own Child of Light.

“Blessed Child of Light, we welcome you in the Holy Light of God. We commend you on creating with us as a whole. This planet is of service to many other galaxies and is an example to those galaxies. We will restore life on this planet as we breathe Light into it together. We feel it is time to expedite the deliverance of love into creation. We shall work collectively to bring balance and awareness with the Holy Mother. You will evolve into the magnificent being you were created to be.”


Channeled by Christy Lawson of the  I Am Meditation and Curriculum . Published by Permission.