2015-04-12 Issue

Published on April 12, 2015

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“You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant to Be” by Lord Maitreya through Deonna Phillips


My dear ones,

I come forth at this time to reassure all of you on the ascension journey that you are all exactly where you are meant to be. Please do not compare yourselves to others. Each journey is unique and special to who you are. The recent earth changes have once again accelerated the energies. This can affect you each in different ways. None is wrong. The love of the Divine is equal and overflowing for every part of creation.

We ask that you open your heart to the love that is flowing more and more into your dimension. It is a soft and gentle energy that will not intrude. You must be still and invite it in. The more you do this, the more you will feel the exquisite touch of the Divine filling your heart to overflowing. As you bask in this love each day, listen to the whispering of your spirit. Go where it leads with baby steps into the unknown and you will find that you are supported with each step.

You have all my love,

Lord Maitreya

Channeled by Deonna Phillips

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