2015-03-29 Issue

Published on March 29, 2015

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“The Divine Love of the Mother” by Mother Mary through Shirley Mayes


Most Beloved Children of God:

I come forward this day to speak to you of the Divine Love of the Mother, and now is the time for that energy to be more present on Earth. Now is the time for the blending and wholeness to begin the unity of all beings consciously.

Begin this work within your own self. Notice which one of the male/female energies you are using the most. Even if you are a female you could be using the masculine energies more during the day at your job. We see this to be true because more and more women are working during the day.

Sit in meditation and go within and ask what you can do to help bring in and anchor the feminine energy into yourself more securely. And then anchor these energies into the core of Mother Earth for others to benefit from. This is your service as you do this.

At the end of your day or during your weekends of free time, remember to create your sacred spaces with beauty, harmony and love. Create peace and compassion for others wherever you go. Use this spring time as a re-birth of God’s creations in your surroundings.

Create the New Earth in everything you do with love, high vibrations and positive thoughts flowing out from your body.

Love is truly all that is and all that matters, dear children.

Love each other as never before, love the children, love the animals and birds.

Love the plants and flowers as these are gifts from the Creator to you.

Be the very best that you can be! I love you, each and every one so very dearly.

I must leave for now, but before I go, I surround you in my arms and kiss you on the head, now go and play, dear children.

I Am Mother Mary.

Channeled by Shirley Mayes