2015-03-22 Issue

Published on March 22, 2015

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“Call the Golden Light of the Creator” by Lord Buddha through Shirley Mayes

Buddha with golden light

Greetings dear children of Earth:

As I come closer to you, I surround you with the Golden Light of the Creator. Feel this light saturating your body, as it begins to heal your bodies from the trauma of living on Earth at this time.

You are doing very well handling these energies. They have become even more intense and you can bathe in these Golden Light energies for relief.

I come forth this day to encourage and inspire you to continue on. We all knew it would not be easy. We and the angelic kingdom are here to assist you at this time.

Center and ground yourself everyday as you call forth the Golden Light of the Creator. You have many friends [on this side] that are waiting to be of service.

We love you and Bless you.

I AM Lord Buddha
Channeled by Shirley Mayes